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2 out of 3 ain’t bad

April 30, 2007

My Boston Red Sox took 2 two out of 3 games against the Yankees this weekend. The only game I watched was game 2. They lost that one. Wakefield pitched halfway decent, but the offense took a nap that day. Ortiz grounded into two double-plays, which proved costly. The Yankees are in the cellar, the Sox on top. This may not last, but I am going to relish it while I can.

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I live in Yankee territory, so my job usually comes with the typical jeering and laughter against my Red Sox. The past two weekends have been quite satisfactory as my co-workers have been unusually quiet around me. I have shown some mercy, because I am used to being on the receiving end of the jokes. Yankee fans have quickly (or conveniently) forgotten the greatest comeback in sport’s history. I haven’t.

The rivalry is alive and blooming. I doubt the Yankees will continue on this terrible track, and hope it becomes more interesting as the season progresses. Baseball needs the Yankees and Sox to be fighting tooth and nail for 1st place of the A.L. East.



April 27, 2007

I guess this particular commenter didn’t get the memo that while using your wife as an incubator and then letting her die may be in line with the mainstream “pro-life” perspective, it’s not actually life-affirming, good or moral by any stretch. In fact, it makes you kind of a questionable human being, and it makes me think that your wife should run in the other direction and never look back. It makes me think that your lack of empathy and humanity — and your stunning narcissism — should automatically disqualify you from forging relationships with actual human beings.

I am strongly opposed to abortion. The argument to me is obvious. No apologies, the as yet to be born child is as human as human can be. Simply because we cannot see them move on their own, or whatever stupid argument a child killer throws out, does not make that right.

I have an 11 month old daughter. She is the apple of my eye. I cannot compare my wife to her, I love them both, and would die for both of them. They hypothetical question asks: “When given the choice between saving your wife or child, who would you save?” I would choose my child, because that would be the wish of my wife. I would hope my wife would do the same.

The comments left are totally amazing. The hate spewed towards this father reaches new levels of hatred. Hitler would admire their malevolence. The lack of intelligence displayed is almost humorous, but then you realize that these feminists are serious.

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is irrational arguments.


April 27, 2007

What is it that makes you tick?  Do you have  a desire to see the ends of the world?  Do you like to sit in your backyard, dog running around, kids flying a kite, sipping a lemonade while your wife suntans?  Feel free to use this entry to introduce yourself.