Band of America Enjoys Crank Calling Too

Bank of America which WND earlier revealed was making its credit card services available to illegal aliens, now has been caught by a consumer making hundreds of solicitation calls to a single telephone, many of them hangups.George Duke, a Suisun City, Calif., resident, told WND he called the corporation to complain, and demand that his number be taken off their call list. “They were absolutely exasperated. They couldn’t understand why I had a problem getting seven or eight phone calls a day,” he said. “I don’t want to be on a list with them calling me all the time. I’m keeping a record of it, every time…”

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Not being a fan of Bank of America, I found this to be humorous. Here is another example of the beloved bank invading someone’s privacy. He asked repeatedly to be removed, and they couldn’t figure out why he didn’t. I just wish the guy had some recordings of the various conversations that took place between the two parties.

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