House Hunting

The wife and I have been house hunting this past month. So far, no luck. We have decided on a few communities, trying to limit the commute time for myself. So far, the top of our list is Denville, NJ. Denville has a nice village, a commuter rail line, and some nice lake communities.

NJ is not a cheap part of the country, especially Morris County. We have spent the past 4 and a half years in Madison, NJ. Madison is a great community, less then 30 miles to the city with three colleges in town. Unfortunately, it is yuppified, so the housing is too high. Supposedly the real estate market is stale, but we haven’t seen any signs of that in Madison. Madison would be our top town if we could afford it.

We were very close to offering on a house. It was a house stuck in the 70’s, but had a ton of potential. No offers had been made on it, so the negotiation process would have been positive. We were headed out to our realtor’s office to fill out the paper work, hand in our offer letter, when we received a call from her. Someone else had offered on the house with no contingency (for the price we wanted to offer, but with contingencies). Ah well.

House hunting sucks.

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