From an “intellectual” atheist:

This from a fellow wordpresser. He has yet to grasp the English language.

True beleivers ! ? What Now?

I have long argued that it takes a special kind of idiot to believe in a religion! and that such people should be prevented from reproducing.

I recently had a fiery discussion outside a church where i went to convert people away from stupidity and superstition.

I often go to musks, churches, and other idiot congregations to try to save people and the next generation from stupid superstition, you know this crap about god, jesus, allah, and last but not least that warmongering fucker, mu hammed.

What strikes me is how violent religious people are? within 5 minutes i was receiving death threats, these fizzled out of course when i asked what sort of omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful God! needed such a defense? at least from little old me? an unbeliever? and wasn’t murder sort of one of the major sins?

Ordinary people threatening to commit murder for a mere difference of opinion can only happen when religious people are involved.

Usually the religious peoples arguments fall into 3 stupid categories. 1 God is different 2. Because so many believe it must be true 3. what about XYZ

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I’m sorry that some who claim to be Christians have threatened you. If I read your entry correctly.

I would be up for an engaging, intelligent discussion on the origins of creation.

To answer your last question, have you ever heard of an atheist suicide bomber?

No. Have you ever heard of Mao Tze Tung, Joseph Stalin, and the Columbine shooters (suicide victims too)? They were all atheistic anti-christians that killed large amounts of people, particularly Mao and Stalin. In fact, one could easily argue that more deaths have come at the expense of atheistic despotic societies in the last 100 years then in all of recorded history. The stats are alarming.

Are you familiar with the difference between marcro-evolution (speciation) and micro-evolution? You seem so confident that your belief in macro-evolution is fact that you put aside anyone else’s belief as mere stupidity. Unfortunately, even so called evolution scientist are beginning to argue that you can’t get something from nothing. If evolution is true, where did we come from? If from monkeys, where did they come from? If from fish, where did the fish come from? If from the cellular realm, where did cells originate? If from protoplasmic atoms, where did they come from? If from a giant bang, where did the bang come from? You see my point? It is impossible to disprove God, and impossible to prove macro-evolution.

8 Responses to “From an “intellectual” atheist:”

  1. escapedmentalpatient Says:

    My English isn’t perfect, its not my native language, but i will make a serious effort to improve my written English language.

    Thank you for the feedback

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    No problem. For English being your second language, it isn’t too bad. I assumed you were a typical atheist.

  3. Matt Says:

    You make one false conclusion. While Stalin, and some others, may well have been Atheists; their actions were not done in the name of Atheism.

  4. metaljaybird Says:


    While it was communism that pushed them to their atrocities, what went hand-in-hand was the denial of a God for the most part. These societies were viciously anti-Christian to the point of torturing, imprisonment, and execution.

    If these prominent atheists, followers of Darwinism (great admirers of the man), truly had no problem with Christianity, why did they seem so threatened by Christian people assembling? Why are they threatened by them in China?

    Now, I believe that any society that denies the existence of God will eventually corrupt. A society that accepts the existence of a false God will do the same. This is why democracy will not work in Iraq. They will elect the tyrants.

  5. escapedmentalpatient Says:


    “Now, I believe that any society that denies the existence of God will eventually corrupt.

    Ehh what about Iran? and many other countries around the world? they are believers? some rven have religious police.

    some of the most successful countries in the world do not have a population that believes. (Scandinavian countries). in fact Norway the top country to live in according to the latest UN reports. In fact Norway has the biggest portion of Atheist per capita in the world.

    While there is a clear connection between religious beliefs and oppressive government, there is no connection linking the lack of faith and oppression.

  6. metaljaybird Says:


    And USSR’s lack of faith had lead to a glorious non-oppressive state?

    I was talking of course about Christian Nations. Not theocracies mind you, but nations with a majority of Christians. Did Norway enact a law that states that there is no God??

    I think that socialism itself is corruption. The government has no right to steal from an individual. Now, if Norway had the population of the USA, you can guarantee that what is perceived as a country without corruption would eventually expand into full blown corruption. You try to move to that nation as a poor immigrant. It’s next to near to impossible.

    How about China? There’s another country that is mostly atheistic, yet they are hindered with oppressiveness.

  7. mysideofthedesk Says:

    What about the Catholic Church’s deathcount? I think they’ve got everyone else beat.

    -The crusades
    -The inquisition
    -The tacit approval of the Holocaust (sp, I know)

    That’s a rather high body count


    I would argue that for every atheist killer, there are at least twice as many dangerous religious zealots who believe that they’ll be rewarded in heaven for their actions on earth.


    Arguably communism and socialism are some of the best governmental theories. Under them, there is a resdistribution of wealth so that there is true equality. At least that’s the ideology.

    Put into practice, neither really works because humans are competitive and we are acquisitive. We want to know who gets to win. Also, rich people don’t like having the government take some of their stuff to give it to poor people.


    I’ve gotta say, you and I probably disagree on everything but the Sox (Go Sox!) but you have some interesting posts.

  8. metaljaybird Says:

    Hi mysideofthedesk,

    Go Bosox! Great season so far.

    While I’m no defender of the Catholic Church (killed many true Christians), I don’t think they quite reached 100,000,000 deaths.

    Now, redistribution of wealth is unfair. And any attempts have failed miserably. Rich people hang onto their money because they earned it. I don’t want the government to take my money, funnel it into the black hole, and drop the few pennies into someone else’s pocket either.

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