Sleep came, Sox lose, Fires burn

I finally got a decent night’s sleep! My wife has been sick, coughing every night for the last few nights. I am a light sleeper, so I was up with her. Finally, the coughing dissipated and I was happily lead to dreamland by the sandman. Interesting how productive one becomes with a good night’s rest. While work is busy, I feel like I’m starting to accomplish something.

We took a nice long walk after work yesterday. This probably helped to alleviate the stress of the day, which in turn helped us to both get some sleep. The walk was around a nearby lake, that I think is a few miles around. Whatever the case, it’s about a 45 minute walk. I haven’t done much walking since moving from California.

The Sox had a terrible game last night. Glad I didn’t waste time watching it. I may be a fan, but I don’t enjoy watching them lose. The conspiracy theorists are already out in full force. We have what may be a legitimate injury now, and Beckett may or may not have the evil blister. They’ve been fantastic and the pessimists like to look at the glass as half empty. I too cannot believe how well they are doing, and sometimes think that something so good cannot last. After all, we aren’t the Yankees (2004!).

My in laws live in Barnaget, NJ. If you aren’t hiding under a rock, there’s a major forest fire burning in that region, caused by a flare from an air national guard plane. So far it has burned 13,000 acres. (Yes, there are large areas of forests in NJ, despite what others may say about Elizabeth). The last I heard, is that they were on warning, but have not been evacuated. Reminds me of socal. Hopefully some rain will come in and stop the fire.

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