God Bless Her

WHEN Anna Radosz, a mother to be, was diagnosed with a potentially fatal form of skin cancer, her first thoughts were for her unborn child.

Six months into the pregnancy, she was told a course of chemotherapy would be needed to successfully tackle the malignant melanoma.

But the 27-year-old refused the potentially life-saving treatment to protect her baby, and she gave birth to a healthy son, Oscar, last November.

But that selfless sacrifice has cost Ms Radosz her life.

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What a selfless mother. I am sad for the father, child, family, and friends. She made the decision a true mother would make. Believing that her unborn child was a true human being with the same rights as herself, she went on with the pregnancy, denying herself the treatment that would have most likely saved her, but killed her baby. She is a true hero.

God bless her.


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