Gov’ment Sucks at its Job

I’ve gotten into plenty of discussions about the role of the government. Liberals tend to have a blind faith in anything and everything that is government, especially when it comes to the handling of our hard earned dollars. With the obvious, and expected failure of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, I was hoping that the liberals would start to figure out that the government tends to do lousy humanitarian jobs.

Maybe FEMA is unnecessary. Maybe it shouldn’t be the job of the government to help with that. The Red Cross and plenty of churches did a far better job at caring for the victims of Katrina then the government (both locally and nationally).

Now we have maniacs wishing for national health care. First, I would argue that this already exists through such programs as Medicaid and Medicare. Second, given the results of Katrina, what makes them think that they would have even an ounce of aptitude to accomplish successfully running the vast medical industry? Well, they argue that medical bills are more expensive and prescriptions are costly. Right. They are. Because our system has failed with the onset of outrageous lawsuits against doctor and pharmaceutical companies. I don’t understand how raising our taxes to pay for health care is going to fix that.

The job of the government should be basic and limited. Unfortunately, both democrats, and republicans (neo-cons) love big government. To feel safe, everyone wants biometric IDs. To feel healthy, everyone wants “free” health care (this will prove more costly than private health care). Arguments commonly portray the gun as the killer. Totally ignoring our constitution, we let the president invade countries at the drop of a hat. People get jail time for wishing to smoke up. Smoking up is probably better then “drink up!” happy hour.

So, you see, the government sucks at its job because it is trying to do things that it will never be qualified to do. I would rather have people in charge of health care that actually love health care, not government bureaucracy.

Oh well, nothing I say will change anything. Americans have grown complacent. Again, the government sucks at its job.


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