Long weekends are meant to be longer

This is why I’m taking a couple days off this weekend. 4 day weekends are better. Maybe I’ll go into the city and have a dinner with the wife and kid.

Sox had an easy weekend. Meanwhile, the Yankees are tied for last. The season is starting to get sad. Yankees lost to some unknown pitcher that had a 17.something ERA going into last night’s game. How is the highest pay roll in sports history losing so bad? They are creating ways to lose now.

Just for google kicks, make sure everyone votes for Ron Paul. He is right on the war, right on abortion, and right on legislation. I don’t see anyone else that even remotely comes close to loving America as much as he does. Alas, we’ll never see the greatness of Ronald Reagan again but he’ll come close if he’s given the shot. McPain, Shrillary, and the rest of the goof pack are out there just for a power meal.

Today I’m going to attempt to work a full day of work without spending too much time on the www.


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