Ten Shekel Shirt

Picked up this gem of a band in the bargain rack. CD cost 1.25! Good worship music that is unique to the plethora of bands out there. I’m inspired to learn some of their songs. Unfortunately, they are no longer around, so I’ll have to enjoy the old stuff for now.

The founder/singer is continuing his career with a solo act Lamont. He founded the Justice for Children International, a group that focuses on ending slavery world-wide. JCFI is a site worth your time learning about the injustice of child slavery in this world. The safe houses provide a practical means to helping these kids escape slavery. Trafficking children for sex is something we should all fight against.

Just got back from a quick walk during lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do my full rounds, so I may take a 15 minute walk later to finish up.


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