Tech Support is only good as the training

I am a tech support guy. Not a geek squad, or some other lowly support guy, but one of those guys that is required to do everything with little or no training. There are certain avenues that I fair well with, but then there others that I don’t. If the company releases a new product, they usually give us a basic synopsis of the product but that is where it ends. So we then have our sales reps and marketing agents training the clients on how to use the product, but they neglect to provide us with the same type of training.

For the most part this is ok, because I am not required to log onto our helpdesk phone system, being that I am a higher level support. Occasionally, I am required to fill in when we are short handed. Fine, this gives me a break from projects. Except when I get a call that I have no idea what the product is intended for, how it works. The client expects me to help them troubleshoot the issue, but unfortunately, I have to bs my way through the call until I can escalate to some other team.

Provide some basic training! Going in on something blind is not a smart way to run a business.

My company has decided to go the pay-per-click route. Without proper SEO, they decided that it would be a good idea to dump buckets of cash on web advertisement. The company’s site does not even have proper meta tags. Oh well, when the ship sinks, I’ll probably have jumped ship long before.


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