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Sleep came, Sox lose, Fires burn

May 16, 2007

I finally got a decent night’s sleep! My wife has been sick, coughing every night for the last few nights. I am a light sleeper, so I was up with her. Finally, the coughing dissipated and I was happily lead to dreamland by the sandman. Interesting how productive one becomes with a good night’s rest. While work is busy, I feel like I’m starting to accomplish something.

We took a nice long walk after work yesterday. This probably helped to alleviate the stress of the day, which in turn helped us to both get some sleep. The walk was around a nearby lake, that I think is a few miles around. Whatever the case, it’s about a 45 minute walk. I haven’t done much walking since moving from California.

The Sox had a terrible game last night. Glad I didn’t waste time watching it. I may be a fan, but I don’t enjoy watching them lose. The conspiracy theorists are already out in full force. We have what may be a legitimate injury now, and Beckett may or may not have the evil blister. They’ve been fantastic and the pessimists like to look at the glass as half empty. I too cannot believe how well they are doing, and sometimes think that something so good cannot last. After all, we aren’t the Yankees (2004!).

My in laws live in Barnaget, NJ. If you aren’t hiding under a rock, there’s a major forest fire burning in that region, caused by a flare from an air national guard plane. So far it has burned 13,000 acres. (Yes, there are large areas of forests in NJ, despite what others may say about Elizabeth). The last I heard, is that they were on warning, but have not been evacuated. Reminds me of socal. Hopefully some rain will come in and stop the fire.


What is wrong with these parents?

May 15, 2007

ATLANTA (AP) – A vegan couple were sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for the death of their malnourished 6-week-old baby boy, who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice.Superior Court Judge L.A. McConnell imposed the mandatory sentences on Jade Sanders, 27, and Lamont Thomas, 31. Their son, Crown Shakur, weighed just 3 1/2 pounds when he died of starvation on April 25, 2004.

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Why are people so stupid to think that because they can survive on a vegan diet, that must mean a newborn child can also survive? They deserve to be in prison. Neglect is something to be taken seriously.

Bike Commute

May 14, 2007

Living in New Jersey, I have grown tired of driving to and fro work. It has only served to give me more stress and weight. I am seriously considering riding my bike to work (though I think I’d like to get a new bike that is more intended for commuting). If I move to the town that I’m hoping to, that would make it about 13 mile one-way commute. That’s 26 miles a day. I’m sure to many that is quite doable, but I am out of shape.

So I think I will start out small. I plan on driving my car a few miles away from work taking the bike off of the rack, and cycling in the rest of the way. Hopefully, as I get into condition, I’ll be able to handle the 26 mile commute with ease.

The fact is, I like to eat, and I would like to feel more healthy. A gym won’t cut it because they are too expensive and annoying. The last gym I belonged to had lines for everything. The waiting game was more tiring then the actual weight lifting.

America is totally stuck on the automobile. Don’t get me wrong, the car is a great invention, and very necessary. Maybe just not as necessary as we believe it to be. I’ve been researching this quite a bit, and I guess I’m ready to just finally give it a shot.

I’m tired of being tired and I would like to change that.

From an “intellectual” atheist:

May 14, 2007

This from a fellow wordpresser. He has yet to grasp the English language.

True beleivers ! ? What Now?

I have long argued that it takes a special kind of idiot to believe in a religion! and that such people should be prevented from reproducing.

I recently had a fiery discussion outside a church where i went to convert people away from stupidity and superstition.

I often go to musks, churches, and other idiot congregations to try to save people and the next generation from stupid superstition, you know this crap about god, jesus, allah, and last but not least that warmongering fucker, mu hammed.

What strikes me is how violent religious people are? within 5 minutes i was receiving death threats, these fizzled out of course when i asked what sort of omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful God! needed such a defense? at least from little old me? an unbeliever? and wasn’t murder sort of one of the major sins?

Ordinary people threatening to commit murder for a mere difference of opinion can only happen when religious people are involved.

Usually the religious peoples arguments fall into 3 stupid categories. 1 God is different 2. Because so many believe it must be true 3. what about XYZ

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I’m sorry that some who claim to be Christians have threatened you. If I read your entry correctly.

I would be up for an engaging, intelligent discussion on the origins of creation.

To answer your last question, have you ever heard of an atheist suicide bomber?

No. Have you ever heard of Mao Tze Tung, Joseph Stalin, and the Columbine shooters (suicide victims too)? They were all atheistic anti-christians that killed large amounts of people, particularly Mao and Stalin. In fact, one could easily argue that more deaths have come at the expense of atheistic despotic societies in the last 100 years then in all of recorded history. The stats are alarming.

Are you familiar with the difference between marcro-evolution (speciation) and micro-evolution? You seem so confident that your belief in macro-evolution is fact that you put aside anyone else’s belief as mere stupidity. Unfortunately, even so called evolution scientist are beginning to argue that you can’t get something from nothing. If evolution is true, where did we come from? If from monkeys, where did they come from? If from fish, where did the fish come from? If from the cellular realm, where did cells originate? If from protoplasmic atoms, where did they come from? If from a giant bang, where did the bang come from? You see my point? It is impossible to disprove God, and impossible to prove macro-evolution.

House Hunting

May 11, 2007

The wife and I have been house hunting this past month. So far, no luck. We have decided on a few communities, trying to limit the commute time for myself. So far, the top of our list is Denville, NJ. Denville has a nice village, a commuter rail line, and some nice lake communities.

NJ is not a cheap part of the country, especially Morris County. We have spent the past 4 and a half years in Madison, NJ. Madison is a great community, less then 30 miles to the city with three colleges in town. Unfortunately, it is yuppified, so the housing is too high. Supposedly the real estate market is stale, but we haven’t seen any signs of that in Madison. Madison would be our top town if we could afford it.

We were very close to offering on a house. It was a house stuck in the 70’s, but had a ton of potential. No offers had been made on it, so the negotiation process would have been positive. We were headed out to our realtor’s office to fill out the paper work, hand in our offer letter, when we received a call from her. Someone else had offered on the house with no contingency (for the price we wanted to offer, but with contingencies). Ah well.

House hunting sucks.

Not sure I understand this, but…

May 10, 2007

MERRILL, Wis. – A service station that offered discounted gas to senior citizens and people supporting youth sports has been ordered by the state to raise its prices.

Center City BP owner Raj Bhandari has been offering senior citizens a 2 cent per gallon price break and discount cards that let sports boosters pay 3 cents less per gallon.

But the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says those deals violate Wisconsin’s Unfair Sales Act, which requires stations to sell gas for about 9.2 percent more than the wholesale price.

Bhandari said he received a letter from the state auditor last month saying the state would sue him if he did not raise his prices. The state could penalize him for each discounted gallon he sold, with the fine determined by a judge.

Bhandari, who bought the station a year ago, said he worries customers will think he stopped the discounts because he wants to make more money. About 10 percent of his customers had used the discount cards.

Dale Van Camp said he bought a $50 card to support the local youth hockey program. It would have saved him about $100 per year on gas, he said

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I guess Wisconsin does not value free enterprise and open competition.

And so begins population control in Europe

May 7, 2007

HAVING large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanour in the same way as frequent long-haul flights, driving a big car and failing to reuse plastic bags, says a report to be published today by a green think tank. The paper by the Optimum Population Trust will say that if couples had two children instead of three they could cut their family’s carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York.

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Utter nonsense. Here is another case of the environmentalists putting more value on the supposed dire state of the environment then on human life. If this were actually true, what they should be doing is drinking Jones Kool-aid at the next global warming party to make room for other people. Maybe we should instate a Logan’s Run law, where if you believe this crap, you can go to the sleepshop when reaching the age of 30.

Just so you know, I don’t litter, and I drive two Hyundais. They have good gas mileage, so it is purely economics for me to be driving these. My next car will probably be an Exterra though, because I have a growing family, with the current laws, it is impossible to fit more than two car seats in my vehicles. A child in NJ is required to be in a car seat until the age of 8. I do believe that it is my duty to take care of this earth as God commanded. I don’t believe that means I have to fall for the Global Warming theory. Even scientists argue with each other over whether or not global warming exists.

Clemens the rich

May 7, 2007

So the Yankees roped in the Rocket for what is an amazing 28 million when including the luxury tax. For half a season. A 45 year old NL 6 inning pitcher at best. That equates to a 45 year old 5 inning AL pitcher. OK, I am a little annoyed. I was hoping Clemens would retire a Red Sox, go out in glory. He chose to go the easy way out, and play on a so-far mediocre team that has some cellar dwelling history this season.

Gear up Dice-K, Schilling, and Beckett. We may have some competition this season.

Ron Paul for President

May 6, 2007

Ron Paul, the doctor from Texas, has it right.  Please take the time to educate yourself on the issues, and then throw your support behind Ron Paul.

Band of America Enjoys Crank Calling Too

May 4, 2007

Bank of America which WND earlier revealed was making its credit card services available to illegal aliens, now has been caught by a consumer making hundreds of solicitation calls to a single telephone, many of them hangups.George Duke, a Suisun City, Calif., resident, told WND he called the corporation to complain, and demand that his number be taken off their call list. “They were absolutely exasperated. They couldn’t understand why I had a problem getting seven or eight phone calls a day,” he said. “I don’t want to be on a list with them calling me all the time. I’m keeping a record of it, every time…”

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Not being a fan of Bank of America, I found this to be humorous. Here is another example of the beloved bank invading someone’s privacy. He asked repeatedly to be removed, and they couldn’t figure out why he didn’t. I just wish the guy had some recordings of the various conversations that took place between the two parties.