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Morristown is doing it right!

May 3, 2007

Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s office issued a statement Wednesday coming out against Mayor Donald Cresitello’s plan to deputize police officers to enforce immigration laws.The announcement came on the same day Latino organizations held a press conference in Morristown to announce a report they had produced on immigration reform. Leaders of the organizations said during the press conference they had asked Corzine to intercede in the Morristown debate.


Perez, head of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey, said Cresitello’s approach basically amounts to a form of “ethnic cleansing” to “isolate, denigrate, and stigmatize” the Latino population by applying to the federal government to give town police officers the ability to enforce immigration laws.

Mayor Cresitello has it right. The governor has no business in dealing with the affairs of the local government. Thankfully, the mayor is not backing down.

Perez, on the other hand, has to throw down the ever useful race card. I am so sick and tired of that. Why do liberals always bring it to racism? What is so racist about requiring people to come and stay here legally? What is racist about cracking down on illegal aliens? Simply because the majority of illegal aliens happen to be of hispanic descent that makes it racist? Rest assured, if Canada were a third world country with people jumping the border going south, I would be just as opposed. I care not about the race of the illegal alien, I simply wish they would go the route of most law abiding immigrants.

Morristown is filled with “undocumented” workers. These dudes stand on the corners day and night as if they own the town. Stop by the train station on any given weekday and you’ll notice a ton of them waiting for some cheap landscaper to pick them up and give them work.

This brings up another point. Why don’t we crack down on the employers? Make an example of these cheap construction workers and landscapers.

Now, before you go ahead and call me a racist, remember that I don’t care if the illegal alien happens to be British or Mexican. If you come to the U.S., come here respecting our laws. I don’t agree with plenty of our laws, but I do abide by them.

67 Million Dollars for a fat man’s pants?

May 2, 2007

$10 dry cleaning bill for a pair of trousers has ballooned into a $67 million civil lawsuit.Plaintiff Roy Pearson, a judge in Washington, D.C., says in court papers that he’s been through the ringer over a lost pair of prized pants he wanted to wear on his first day on the bench.He says in court papers that he has endured “mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort.”

He says he was unable to wear that favorite suit on his first day of work.

He’s suing for 10 years of weekend car rentals so he can transport his dry cleaning to another store. Click Here

Phew! Those must be some awesome pants. I can’t stand frivolous lawsuits. I am still trying to figure out if he is basing it on the principal of the matter, or if he has something against Korean dry cleaners. I got a few chuckles over the fact that the judge did not have a pair of pants that fit properly, they grew too tight. More like, “I am a fat lazy man with a bad attitude towards Koreans and dry cleaners in general and want to make them pay for my choice of growing obese.”

Here’s hoping the “justice” system will throw this case out and make this bastard repay the legal damages endured by this family.


May 2, 2007

Why does the fossil record lack evidence proving a theory that is supposedly fact?  Has it occurred to anyone that macro-evolution is not fact but may be myth?

The problem I see with the defenders of evolution is that they are set on proving their beloved theory as truth instead of taking science at it’s basic principle.  How can you have knowledge of something without the evidence?

Don’t drive the speed limit in Michigan!

May 1, 2007

Jeremy Berman of Royal Oak got a ticket for going 70 m.p.h. on I-696, putting him squarely in the middle of a bunch of confusion about changes in Michigan freeway speeds.

He had heard, correctly, that the Legislature pretty much did away with the 65 m.p.h. expressway speed limit in Michigan last November, except for infrequent stretches — generally in urban areas with older freeways of outdated design — where lower speeds are legally justified. But I-696 isn’t one of those stretches, so legally the speed limit is 70 m.p.h., despite what signs say.

The trooper ticketed him for going either 5 miles over the limit or 3. Both are seriously pushing it. I would love to see the state trooper explain his way out of that one.