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I’ve Been Poisened!

June 27, 2007

Had a good time at some friend’s house on Sunday, played some basketball, rowed around their lake, and ate a lot of junk. Now I have some poison ivy slowly making its mark on my left hand. I woke up last night scratching it. Huh, weird, because I have the sense when I am awake to leave it be.

When I was young, I used to get covered in the junk. Then I thought I built up an immunity after one extreme case (that sidelined me from little league for a couple games) after the doctor prescribed steroids cleared it up. I guess I was wrong. Thankfully it is not that extreme.

Eric Wilbur’s blog had an interesting article about the many fair weather pink hat brigade fans that have popped up since the Red Sox won it in 2004. I am not sure how I feel about them. On the one hand, it is nice to have more people getting into the sport of baseball, but on the other, I have always been a fan of the underdog. I was never a band wagon fan, my allegiance was always with the Pats, Bruins, C’s, and Sox. Now two of those four have become ridiculously popular. Reading some of the emails sent to Wilbur, I especially appreciated one fan’s recollection of the team from Mo Vaughn’s day. That guy was a true monster at the plate. He was also a mostly formidable first baseman. The whole era happened during my junior high and high school days. There were plenty of close calls, but the comradeship of other fans was unsurpassed then.

Now I barely blink if I notice another Red Sox hat. In fact, I never wear any of mine anymore. My bumper sticker on my window has faded so that you cannot even make out that it also had the 7-11 logo on it. I have yet to buy one of those nice pink hats though.


The Fairness Doctrine

June 25, 2007

The Fairness Doctrine is a law that some lawmakers want to establish that will set to “give equal time to equal sides”.  So, if someone is discussing a conservative viewpoint with a rather positive perspective, then there will have to be someone to give equal time to an opposing view.

I find the Fairness Doctrine to be constitutionally unsound.  If we are indeed a free market society, then shouldn’t we have the right to express our perspective without the intrusion of some government law?  Why should a business entity of any sort be required to do this?

Let us walk away from radio for a minute, because we all know this is where the liberal piranhas are trying to sink their yellow stained teeth.  So, walking away from radio, let us look at another market entity:  Major League Baseball.  I will focus on my team of choice.  In Boston, there are many sports bars.  And in these many sports bars, you will notice a lot of posters, banners, and autographed pictures of players.  The banners, and posters, etc., will most likely be symbols of the Boston Red Sox.  It would be factual to classify these bars as Red Sox Bars.  So, in order to be fair, maybe these sports bars should be required by law to display Yankee paraphernalia.  They should have the Yankee game and Red Sox game on at the same time.

Of course, that would be ludicrous.  So is the Fairness Doctrine.  The Fairness Doctrine is unfair because what can be fair about forcing an industry to give positive perspective to something that it does not want to?

Hillary, Boxer, and many left wing (republican or democrat) politicians seek to make this law.

Stupid idiots.

Systems Management Server 2003

June 21, 2007

My company put me in charge of our SMS 2003.  We have not implemented it yet, but it will need to be installed and configured using our Active Directory Schema.  I have been slowly studying the concepts and practice of proper systems management, but it is a far cry from my usual job.

I was required to have a testing environment by June 29th, so now I’m in panic mode.  Luckily for me (unlucky for our network specialist), they have misplaced the SMS disk.   That will hopefully buy me some more time to finish studying and get my plan in order.

Anyone with experience using SMS?  If so, what was the most practical way to install and deploy the Advanced Client?  Any common problems that I should be made aware of?  My initial plan is to get this installed and using on a few machines.  We will not be using this on our servers.  For SMS admins, what is the most common part of SMS that your company uses?

Any help is appreciated.

Planned Parenthood (Murder)

June 15, 2007

Planned Parenthood is happy to report that they have killed a record amount of unborn children and made excessive profits this year.

I’m so proud.

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Why I’ve Grown Into a Libertarian

June 14, 2007

Small government, small government, small government. Constantly repeat that to yourself and soon you’ll see the light. I have a distrust of government that probably began with my “rebellious” teenage years against all things authority. Back then it was my teachers, principals, and local police officers. While in high school, I thought that Bill Clinton was the worst president ever. Looking back, he’s probably 1 rung above Bush.

I’ve been admiring from afar the efforts of the FSP (Free State Project). While I am not an official member, I agree with many of their principals. These porcupines have the right mentality on the way America should be. Their website is here. I don’t think I have the right attitude for New Hampshire. I am a former Western Mass, Connecticutite and always thought of NH as backwoods. Seeing that the Boston Metro has expanded into NH, I am sure I am totally mistaken. Maybe I’ll take a weekend up to Manchester and get some MTB riding in.

With the exception of Paul, all of our current options for future president are sickening. They are all world conscious and care not about anything but raising taxes, expanding the government, and indoctrinating our children with a lousy education.

Anyway, to get back into why I’ve grown into being a libertarian. I am not into the idea of the war on drugs. I myself am drug free, but I don’t see this so called war working. I am also questioning the intentions of the war on terror. There is plenty of terror in South America and Africa, yet we are not smoking the terrorists out of those continents. Our rights are getting eaten away with every new law that passes. Rowe v. Wade was a big disgrace against the U.S. Constitution, as it basically forced every state to accept the murder of unborns as morally and scientifically sound. States are losing their individual rights, and not really fighting it. I hope that NH stands out as a shiny city on a hill against the corrupt and contemptible federal government.

Live free or die.

Atheist Cesspool?

June 13, 2007

Is it an observation, or is wordpress infested with a bunch of atheists? The arguments are all the same on most pages, I have yet to find anything of substance.

I find atheism irritating, especially amongst the pack of wolves that blog here. Their own god, Darwin, couldn’t deny some sort of deity. Yet, these, who are greater then Darwin, jumped the ship and claim that God does not exist. No proof is given to the claim, except obscure arguments.

Moral relativism. Atheists have the unfortunate duty of believing that we are not moral beings. There is no code of ethics, and so, as an atheist, it is fine to murder, pillage, and rape. When they try to weasel their way out of that argument, it usually results in circular logic (a paradox). It is hilarious, seriously, because the most common answer I get, is “we have laws for the better good of humanity”. Good? Can there be good when we are all an accident? No.

The war argument. This pathetic argument is used to show how bad Christians are. Religious people have killed more people then atheist. Wrong. We all know the terrible numbers that atheistic dictators presented to the world. Most wars are not religious, but over territory disputes, etc. If it is a battle of who killed more, the atheist leader has won hands down. After all, they are true atheists, for there can be no evil.

No proof of God’s existence. If you look at the world, you’ll notice design. Time and time again, atheist scientists will remark at the design of something. Well, to have design, you need what? A designer. I conclude that the design of creation is remarkable. The leatherback sea turtle is designed to know when to go to shore and store her eggs. She smartly hides them under the sand using her valuable fins. These animals survive primarily off of jelly fish. They have a notch on their beak that is designed to puncture their favorite food.

Now, how probable is it that this animal was able to know ahead of time that burying her eggs would help to protect from predators? Without the design of instinct, this animal would have quickly come to extinction.

How about the beak? Can an animal bring itself to grow its beak in such a way that it can eat its favorite food? The answer is no. We have yet to see any examples of macro evolution. The turtle relies on the jellyfish to survive. Without the notch, the turtle would not be able to pierce its food. It would eventually starve to death, and therefore: extinction.

So far atheism has not presented a reasonable argument to its religion. No example of speciation, no spontaneous generation witnessed, and even minor changes in evolution (such as growing a beak notch) have never been seen. Maybe this young religion needs another 2000 years to prove itself worthy. Maybe it needs another 100,000,000,000 years.

Final Inspections This Friday!

June 12, 2007

We have closed on the house. Final inspections are this Friday. Move in date is slated for 7/10! It will be awesome to be on our own once again (we’ve been spending the last 2 months with my brother in-law). Hopefully nothing substantial will come about from these inspections. The house appears to be solid and in tact, but one can never really know until a professional has inspected it.

The community we are moving to has a great lake across the street, a vibrant downtown (Denville, NJ), and is close to all the amenities everyone wants these days. It will also be nice to NOT have TV anymore. I am the type of person who is better off without it, otherwise I spend too much time zoning in front of the American god. We threw out our television during the first year of our marriage. After all, as one is an artist, the other a musician, we felt our time was too valuable to waste in front of the TV. God spoke to us on that. Throw out your TVs!

I’m a bit sweaty right now. Just got back from a hot long walk during my lunch. I have extended my walk to a total of 4 laps around the campus, which equals to about 2.5 miles. I decided that changing into a tee shirt is worth the trouble after all. Right now I’m cooling off in my cube. I’m thinking of getting one of those desktop fans just to help expedite the cool off process.

Found this great site that features mostly Denver Metro pictures, but also some decent skyline shots of other cities and towns. I was very impressed with the city of Denver when I stopped through back in April. In fact, the picture around my title is of the downtown Denver area featuring a couple of my bikes on my roof rack. I will definitely try to spend some more time in Denver in the future.

If Only My Camera Had Batteries

June 11, 2007

We went to the city Saturday and decided to hang out mostly in the Upper West Side.  We parked on West End Ave between 96th and 97th streets.  The spot was a lucky spot because it left what I thought was enough room for maybe a motorcycle after parking.  Was I shocked 6 hours later when I saw a VW sedan parked in that spot.  I would have loved to see the amazing patience and skill it would have taken to fit into the spot.  Literally, there must have been about 3 inches between the front and back of that car.  Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries were dead, so you’ll have to be impressed using your own imagination.

I had the pleasure of carrying my daughter on my shoulders the entire 10 miles we must have walked.  I think she is going to be a city girl, because she had a good time.  Riverside Park is a favorite of mine, and now I appreciate it more through the eyes of my 1 year old.  Maybe someday we’ll have enough money to live on the Upper West Side.  Haha!

There were plenty of mothers with their children in that neighborhood.  I am left to wonder if these kids only see their parents on the weekends when they are not working.  The price of keeping up with the Joneses is not worth the penalty of depriving your children of a quality childhood.

A visit into town always helps me to get the stress out and relax.  God has given me a bigger heart for that place.

Close to a No Hitter

June 8, 2007

Schilling pitched a fantastic game.  Basically 2 pitches away from a perfect game (no thanks to the error let off by Lugo).  With 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, he let off a hit that took away the elusive no hitter.  Got the next batter to end the game.

Yankee fanjoe walked by a few minutes ago and said Schill choked.  Choked?  The guy pitched a complete game allowing 1 hit to win the game 1-0.  Not many pitchers can do that, especially those in their 40’s.   The hatred Yankee fans have towards Schilling is so hilarious.  Even when he does a phenomenal job, they find a sliver of a mistake.  Schilling has been a Yankee killer for years now, starting with 2001, continuing in 2004, and probably will do so until he retires from the game.

I don’t go around blabbing my mouth every time the Sox hand Rivera a blown save.  A win is a win, no matter how you get it, and yesterday was spectacular on Curt’s part.

Here’s hoping Curt wins another WS Ring with the Red Sox!

Agressive Drivers…Who Needs Them?

June 7, 2007

After a long days work, I had to go pick up my daughter in West Orange. On the way back home, going down Valley Street (or road) past the big park in South Orange, I suddenly heard a honk. Then two, then three, etc. I looked in my rearview mirror and behold; an older lady driving some big sedan practically kissing my rear bumper with her car.

I look at my speedometer. It says 30. I then noticed that, unfortunately for the both of us, I am going too fast. This happens to be a 25 mph zone (the park being on this street). I slow down to the correct speed limit. The old lady then persists with her incessant honking and rude hand gestures. I slow down as I notice another 25 mph sign. I point with my hand to that sign. I notice her middle finger is suddenly up in the air like a proud peacock.

As I pass an intersection, I let off the gas, slowing down to 20 mph (she is after all tailing me, we have to consider stopping distance). As we continue, I notice her hand is still stuck in peacock position holding her steering wheel. Her other hand was reaching for something. At this point, she knew that I was watching (after all, when someone is kissing your rear bumper, you can see quite a bit through the rear view mirror). The next time I looked in the rear view, I noticed a cell phone in her hand. (This is illegal to drive and talk on a handset in NJ). She was obviously calling the cops or someone. We finally stopped at a red light and I yelled out of my window “Hey lady, it’s 25 mph limit, you know!”

I turned right, she went straight. Story over. If she called the cops, she’ll have to explain to them why she was tailing me, speeding, flipping me off, and talking on her cell phone while driving.