Don’t Agree? Then Just Disparage Them.

I’ve come across plenty of people on diverse sides of the political spectrum throughout my 28 years.  When debating something like, oh, evolution, it is common for the apologist of evolution to berate an apologist of creationism.  “You read an article by Ken Ham?”  “He’s a quack.”

Mission accomplished by said evolutionist.  No matter what I say now, because I read an article by Ken Ham I cannot be a credible person.  Ken Ham is “a quack”.

“Oh, you read articles on WorldNutDaily?”  “Those aren’t good sources!”

Notice the use of changing one’s name.  Cleverly switching the E in Net, to a U must make the opponent smarter.  WorldNetDaily becomes a nut, and you are too if you read it!  Seriously, there are many that drop to these levels when discussing something they don’t agree with.

As a Red Sox fan, I suffered these kind of childish arguments since I was a child.  1918! 1918! 1918!  I grew up in a land that was evenly split with Yankee fans, Red Sox fans, and Met fans (can you guess which state?).  Whenever the Red Sox handed the Yankees their crow, fans of this great team would resort to “Bucky, Bucky, Bucky” chants, or the great “Buckner! Buckner! Buckner!”  Sad indeed.  Yes, it took my team a long time to finally win a World Series.  Yes, your team happens to have more rings than mine.  I never argued against that.  The point is, we can’t live in the past.  Yes, the Red Sox happen to hold the best record in the majors, but I’m not delusional enough to think that it is a definite  positive that this will last.

Anywho, this is just a little rant against ignorant apologists!

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