Agressive Drivers…Who Needs Them?

After a long days work, I had to go pick up my daughter in West Orange. On the way back home, going down Valley Street (or road) past the big park in South Orange, I suddenly heard a honk. Then two, then three, etc. I looked in my rearview mirror and behold; an older lady driving some big sedan practically kissing my rear bumper with her car.

I look at my speedometer. It says 30. I then noticed that, unfortunately for the both of us, I am going too fast. This happens to be a 25 mph zone (the park being on this street). I slow down to the correct speed limit. The old lady then persists with her incessant honking and rude hand gestures. I slow down as I notice another 25 mph sign. I point with my hand to that sign. I notice her middle finger is suddenly up in the air like a proud peacock.

As I pass an intersection, I let off the gas, slowing down to 20 mph (she is after all tailing me, we have to consider stopping distance). As we continue, I notice her hand is still stuck in peacock position holding her steering wheel. Her other hand was reaching for something. At this point, she knew that I was watching (after all, when someone is kissing your rear bumper, you can see quite a bit through the rear view mirror). The next time I looked in the rear view, I noticed a cell phone in her hand. (This is illegal to drive and talk on a handset in NJ). She was obviously calling the cops or someone. We finally stopped at a red light and I yelled out of my window “Hey lady, it’s 25 mph limit, you know!”

I turned right, she went straight. Story over. If she called the cops, she’ll have to explain to them why she was tailing me, speeding, flipping me off, and talking on her cell phone while driving.

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