If Only My Camera Had Batteries

We went to the city Saturday and decided to hang out mostly in the Upper West Side.  We parked on West End Ave between 96th and 97th streets.  The spot was a lucky spot because it left what I thought was enough room for maybe a motorcycle after parking.  Was I shocked 6 hours later when I saw a VW sedan parked in that spot.  I would have loved to see the amazing patience and skill it would have taken to fit into the spot.  Literally, there must have been about 3 inches between the front and back of that car.  Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries were dead, so you’ll have to be impressed using your own imagination.

I had the pleasure of carrying my daughter on my shoulders the entire 10 miles we must have walked.  I think she is going to be a city girl, because she had a good time.  Riverside Park is a favorite of mine, and now I appreciate it more through the eyes of my 1 year old.  Maybe someday we’ll have enough money to live on the Upper West Side.  Haha!

There were plenty of mothers with their children in that neighborhood.  I am left to wonder if these kids only see their parents on the weekends when they are not working.  The price of keeping up with the Joneses is not worth the penalty of depriving your children of a quality childhood.

A visit into town always helps me to get the stress out and relax.  God has given me a bigger heart for that place.

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