Final Inspections This Friday!

We have closed on the house. Final inspections are this Friday. Move in date is slated for 7/10! It will be awesome to be on our own once again (we’ve been spending the last 2 months with my brother in-law). Hopefully nothing substantial will come about from these inspections. The house appears to be solid and in tact, but one can never really know until a professional has inspected it.

The community we are moving to has a great lake across the street, a vibrant downtown (Denville, NJ), and is close to all the amenities everyone wants these days. It will also be nice to NOT have TV anymore. I am the type of person who is better off without it, otherwise I spend too much time zoning in front of the American god. We threw out our television during the first year of our marriage. After all, as one is an artist, the other a musician, we felt our time was too valuable to waste in front of the TV. God spoke to us on that. Throw out your TVs!

I’m a bit sweaty right now. Just got back from a hot long walk during my lunch. I have extended my walk to a total of 4 laps around the campus, which equals to about 2.5 miles. I decided that changing into a tee shirt is worth the trouble after all. Right now I’m cooling off in my cube. I’m thinking of getting one of those desktop fans just to help expedite the cool off process.

Found this great site that features mostly Denver Metro pictures, but also some decent skyline shots of other cities and towns. I was very impressed with the city of Denver when I stopped through back in April. In fact, the picture around my title is of the downtown Denver area featuring a couple of my bikes on my roof rack. I will definitely try to spend some more time in Denver in the future.


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