Why I’ve Grown Into a Libertarian

Small government, small government, small government. Constantly repeat that to yourself and soon you’ll see the light. I have a distrust of government that probably began with my “rebellious” teenage years against all things authority. Back then it was my teachers, principals, and local police officers. While in high school, I thought that Bill Clinton was the worst president ever. Looking back, he’s probably 1 rung above Bush.

I’ve been admiring from afar the efforts of the FSP (Free State Project). While I am not an official member, I agree with many of their principals. These porcupines have the right mentality on the way America should be. Their website is here. I don’t think I have the right attitude for New Hampshire. I am a former Western Mass, Connecticutite and always thought of NH as backwoods. Seeing that the Boston Metro has expanded into NH, I am sure I am totally mistaken. Maybe I’ll take a weekend up to Manchester and get some MTB riding in.

With the exception of Paul, all of our current options for future president are sickening. They are all world conscious and care not about anything but raising taxes, expanding the government, and indoctrinating our children with a lousy education.

Anyway, to get back into why I’ve grown into being a libertarian. I am not into the idea of the war on drugs. I myself am drug free, but I don’t see this so called war working. I am also questioning the intentions of the war on terror. There is plenty of terror in South America and Africa, yet we are not smoking the terrorists out of those continents. Our rights are getting eaten away with every new law that passes. Rowe v. Wade was a big disgrace against the U.S. Constitution, as it basically forced every state to accept the murder of unborns as morally and scientifically sound. States are losing their individual rights, and not really fighting it. I hope that NH stands out as a shiny city on a hill against the corrupt and contemptible federal government.

Live free or die.


2 Responses to “Why I’ve Grown Into a Libertarian”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    NH isn’t as back-woods as you might think 🙂 Come on up and visit some time; the annual Porcupine Festival is coming up next week, you know!

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Haha, thanks Jeremy, I think I will. Unfortunately, my schedule does not permit me to come up to the Festival. Maybe next year.

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