CAGED Guitar Method

I’ve been playing guitar for about 10 years now. I get the opportunity to play at church from time-to-time, mostly acoustic. (Love my D-03). About 2 years ago I started taking lessons with a fantastic player. This lasted about a year (up until my daughter was born). We were going through the CAGED guitar methodology. Using the basic chords of C, A, G, E, and D (and related minors, 7ths, etc) as a map, you could theoretically play the entire guitar up and down the fretboard (scales and chords). Basically, the CAGED System simplifies the guitar into a recognizable pattern. Fascinating, and quite logical. After 8 years of stumbling blindly through, this has opened up a new world (of which I am still discovering).

I would love to start up guitar lessons again, and may do so again. I am sure that CAGED is just the tip of the iceberg. While with Tom Finger (my guitar teacher), I also learned some basic theory principals. The difference between a minor and major (3rd and flatted 3rd), the circle of 5ths, and so on. I was a trumpet player for about 10 years, and switched to guitar my final year of playing the trumpet. While on the trumpet, I learned how to read music, what scales were, and much of the common musical terms (forte, crescendo, etc.). I was a pretty decent trumpet player, but I also became a slacker teenager. Hence, my decision to quit the trumpet. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday.

Any of you musicians have any suggestions for this somewhat newbie? Are there other training principals I should be made aware of regarding the 6 string? I am at a plateau right now and want to climb the next mountain, so to speak.


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