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York, PA Police Officers Hate Freedom of Expression

July 5, 2007

Pro-life protesters are taking their case to federal court because they claim York, Pa., police repeatedly violated their free speech rights while they were handing out tracts and preaching outside the city’s Planned Parenthood clinic .

John McTernan, Edward D. Snell, John Wood and Luanne Ferguson have filed a civil suit against York police for being “chilled, frustrated and deterred in the exercise of their First Amendment activities due to the city’s policy of ignoring First Amendment rights.”

Their complaint states, “By denying plaintiffs the right to access public streets with other like-minded people, [York police] denied plaintiffs the right of assembly on account of the content of their message.” Click Here

The obvious bias for the advocates of death should bother anyone with a mind.  These officers are not doing their job.  They are assisting in the deaths of unborn baby girls and boys.  When young children walk into the clinic, they don’t stop and question them.

These cops are nothing but pigs.  With a t otal disregard for the 1st Amendment, they constantly harass and arrest these fine protesters.  We all have the right to say whatever we want without facing arrest.  If not, then we may as well burn the constitution.

I won’t even get into how much I hate Planned Parenthood.  I’ll save that for a future entry.  That baby killing business has done more harm to this country.


The Value Of Sleep

July 3, 2007

I tend to get too little sleep each night.  If I am asleep by 12, that is considered a good night.  I then get up around 7, but trust me, those 7 hours of sleep were not deep.  This affects my work day in a negative sense because I start to crash around 3:00.  Coffee aside, a human being should be able to handle 8 hours of work without getting too tired.

I have been on a mission to lose weight.  My lack of sleep is definitely a hindrance to my mission.  Yes, I am eating a healthy salad for lunch, I have cut down on my late night snacks, and I walk 3 miles at lunch each day.  My wife says my frame is starting to look healthier, though I wouldn’t know that because I haven’t weighed myself in weeks.

When driving after work, I am ready to take a nap.  I guess we don’t need to go into the statistics of sleep deprived caused accidents.

By the time I get home from work, I am both cranky and quiet.  My wife has had a longer day running around after our toddler.  By the time I get home, she is ready to have some adult conversation and to vent.  Sometimes I am not the most understanding husband.  Usually a few minutes to unwind is enough, but there are some days when I feel the need to plant my head into the couch and shut everything else out.

For sanity’s sake, I think I will try to get to bed earlier.  Seinfeld can do without me.

Pardon Me

July 3, 2007

The president just pardoned one of his cronies.  I guess we shouldn’t forget the long list of our previous prez’s pardoned criminals:

I removed that list because it was too long.