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Why Can’t They Make it Easy?

August 30, 2007

Every year, the Sox either start out good and slump.  Or they start out bad, get on fire.  Sometimes they start out good, slump, and finish out good.  Never do they stay hot the entire time.

This year has been strange, because they have the best record in the majors, yet I can’t remember one long winning streak.  They win 4 or 5, but then lose 2 or 3.   I would like to see them finish out strong.  Despite the 5 game lead, a 3 game sweep at the expense of the Yankees is nothing to cheer about.

Oh well, hopefully they’ll gain a couple back, or at least not go below 4 this weekend.


Downs Syndrome Child Murdered Along With His Healthy Twin

August 28, 2007

After doctors realized their mistake, they notified the woman in question. She returned to the hospital to have the disabled baby aborted as well…

This is another example of many that proves abortion is unnecessary and despicable. This disgusting murdering mother can’t bear the fact that one of her twin sons has downs syndrome. She arranges to have it murdered to ease her despicable life. The doctors botched the job and destroy the life of the healthy child. Once they realize their mistake (assuming they looked at the dead body of the child), they contacted the mother, she came back and ordered the disabled child’s death sentence.

Oh, but the supporters of death will argue that this is a minor case and that all nations should reserve the right for a woman to practice abortion.  Give me a break.  I don’t care how small it is, a human life is a human life.  If we can’t value the life of a baby, then we aren’t worth anything.

Pro-abortionists, those murdering hypocrites,  should be locked up for life.

Tedious While Necessary

August 28, 2007

After years of playing the guitar, I have decided to devote some of my practice time with exercises. I have a book I dusted off, the Guitar Grimoire of Scales and Exercises (I think that is the title, after all, I just dusted this off). I’m going from the very beginning of page 1 and slowly going through the multitude of exercises and scale patterns. After playing the same scale with the suggested picking pattern over and over, I’m wondering if I’ll be considered a legitimate shredder.

Playing songs is fine and dandy, but learning to actually play the guitar with proficiency is more important. I have some technique due in large part to my 1 year of guitar lessons. Seeing more experienced (and better) players with their bad habits has been a real eye opener for me. It is so common to see over playing. Some common mistakes my humble experience has given notice to:

1. Elbow Hinge: A player uses his elbow to strum the guitar, without any wrist action whatsoever. The average guitar neck is maybe 4 to 6 inches (guess) wide. Using the elbow to do the work of the wrist is tiring and can hamper the guitar player’s ability.

2. Down Stroke Picking Pattern: While this can be necessary, some are actually limited to only down strokes when picking a tune. I have made it a point to practice various picking patterns (see above), and the most basic which should be used is alternate picking.

3. Great Sound, Lousy Chops: I’ve been to plenty of shows where the guitar’s performance was based solely on the amount of foot pedals and distortion in use. Great sound is an acquired talent, but if the chops are lacking, I quickly become bored. The person took time to work hard so that he could buy the best gear. Perhaps some of that time and money would be best used to actually learn how to play the guitar.

4. 1st Position G Chord: Some have the habit of playing this most simple of chords with their ring, middle, and pinky finger. Try using the middle finger in place of the ring, the index in place of the middle, and the ring in place of the pinky. Then you can use the pinky to add sus’, etc.

5. Intonation: If your intonation is off, take it to shop and have your guitar set up. Please, you sound terrible when you reach beyond the 12th fret.

6. Old strings. Now that is just being lazy. And make sure you tune them properly, if not, they’ll never stay in tune.

That is all for now. I won’t pretend to be even a good guitar player, but mastering some of the basics will take you pretty far.

Amnesty International Supports Abortion

August 27, 2007

Yesterday the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, commented on Amnesty International’s policy on sexual and reproductive rights — including on selected aspects of abortion — and said that the view of the Vatican is that abortion should not be available to rape victims.

Because violence against violence works, right? How is killing the unborn protecting the human rights of the unborn? According to Amnesty’s statement of faith, their primary goal is to protect the human rights of all humans. How hypocritical. There should be no compromise when protecting human beings.

Here is a letter of complaint that I sent to the office in NYC:

It has come to my attention that a great injustice has been placed upon countless American humans.

This tragic injustice is the cause of thousands and thousands of deaths each day. The government protects by law the right to carry about this act which goes against human rights.

The innocent victims have no rights whatsoever, and in fact never get the chance to defend themselves, in a court of law, or in the public square.

While many stand up for these innocent victims so viciously harmed and murdered, most turn a blind eye. When evidence proves the viability of these, politics pollute justice and continue to permit the victimizing of these innocent human beings.

If it is indeed the mission of Amnesty to protect all human beings, your organization should be in the forefront of preventing these disgusting atrocities from happening.

Unfortunately, your organization recently took on a position that goes in stark contrast with your mission statement. AI has come out to support the world wide decriminalization of killing off innocent, unborn children.

Basically, you have compromised your organization to a point that you are now the victimizers. You are now the predators. AI has come full circle. AI is now to be considered pointless.

Ted Nugent

August 24, 2007

I am not much of a fan of his music, but I really love it when he goes nuts. In the below video he puts Arnold, Hillary, and Obama in their place.

The language is typical of any rock show, so don’t be shocked. Ted, you never cease to make me laugh.

Elvira Arellano = Criminal

August 23, 2007

I have no sympathy whatsoever for her.  She used and abused the system.  Now the Mexican Senate is siding with her.  Give me a break.  What do they do to the Guatemalans that cross their borders illegally?  Mexico is more strict towards illegal aliens then we are.

Elvira Arellano, good riddance.  I love Mexico, I have visited your nation a few times, but I left when I was supposed to.  Americans are getting sick and tired of people like you coming into our nation illegally.  It is time we demand respect.

Bush, you have done nothing to help this cause.  I can’t wait for 2009.  I doubt we’ll have anyone with a backbone coming into the White House, but I’m putting my bets on Ron Paul.  He’s the only one willing to take on the required job of driving the illegal aliens out of here.

Learning the Ins and Outs of the Electric Guitar

August 23, 2007

I’ve been playing the guitar for about 10 years now and I have never cared to take notice into what makes the guitar a guitar.  As long as I had a cable in between my amp and guitar and cranked everything, I was happy.  Sad, I know, but it is the truth.  Until recently.

Now I’m starting to understand what those two pickup thingys are.  I’m actually going to replace my humbucker with a real  Duncan, I just haven’t decided on the model yet.  I haven’t been too satisfied with the sound my guitar is outputting, and according to some wiser friends, a cheap and effective way of resolving that is to trash the stock pickup for a better one.

I have a Schecter Diamond Elite 006.  This was a surprise Christmas gift from my better half.  Along with my 30 watt Marshall Amp, I was in business that year.  About a year later, I added to my collection by purchasing my D-03 acoustic guitar.

Anyway, I am finally becoming fascinated with how the electric guitar works.  As a mostly acoustic player, the versatility of the electric guitar is really appealing.


August 22, 2007

A Cape St. Claire man is behind bars for failing to clean up his junk-filled back yard, officials said.
In a case that has been dragging on for seven years, Judge Robert C. Wilcox gave George B. Hartsuff III an ultimatum this summer: Clean up the junk or spend 60 days in jail

You just have to love rednecks. I can’t understand why white trash persists in having a dirty yard with garbage piled a mile high. You don’t find too many yankees with the problem of trash collecting.

Driving around certain areas of the country, it is disgusting how they live. Litter all over the town, yards overgrown with weeds, and garbage stinking to high heaven. Most trailer trash take little to no pride in their community. This is an ongoing cyclic issue that began probably before the Civil War.

What is one of the biggest indicators that the house is usually occupied by white trash? Good ole bars and stars hanging from a broken window. I doubt if these hicks actually understand secession. It is more likely they are associating the flag with white power. Trash in equals trash out.

Current Listening – As I Lay Dying

August 21, 2007

Good band.  I bought one of their albums a few years back.  Popped on one of my Pandora channels.  Today is one of those days where I need some aggressive music.

The Patriot Act

August 20, 2007

The Patriot Act is a pathetic excuse to defend “national security.”  No amount of neocon propaganda can cause me to think otherwise.  It infringes on the 4th and 5th amendments, and countless civil rights.  We either believe in our Constitution, or we don’t.

If you want to allow the Feds to step over the U.S. Constitution, then fine.  No one can possibly argue that the Patriot Act from its original version to its latest is constitutional.  If there is even a shred of doubt that this infringes on our civil liberties, then the entire system should be revisited and expired.

It is so easy to support something called the Patriot Act.  After all, who wants to be labeled unpatriotic?  Unfortunately, the stupid acronym aside, people who blindly accept it, accept it at the expense of their freedom.  Freedom that is slowly being sucked away by the feds, a process which has been going on since the Civil War.

Are Americans so scared now that we need the government to babysit us?  Are we so weak that we have no qualms with wire tapping, spying, and unwarranted searches because some terrorist may decide to bomb us at anytime?  The continuing trend of government infringement on our rights is that this will eventually come to a brick wall.  Either Americans will get smart and tell the government to MYOB, or we’ll slip into the socialist state of government control.

Unfortunately, the last few years have proven the sheer stupidity of many Americans.  Instead of questioning authority, they simply say that National Security is the main issue without going into reasons how the Patriot Act actually protects us.  It serves merely to take rights away from the citizens, and hand more power to the bloated government.

Go ahead Americans, let the government serve what you desire.  You’ll seriously regret it when it might be too late.  History has always proven that.

Patriots?  No, you are more like Tories.  Well, this Yankee is not going to take this sitting down.