Start Worrying And Is It 1978 Again?

Despite what Eric Wilbur’s blog says, it is time to start worrying about the shrinking lead.  Call me the ever pessimist, but I do believe the Red Sox are starting to suck.  Hopefully I’ll be writing a more positive follow up next week.  Yes, I agree the road schedule is probably the toughest they will face all year, but winning games no matter how easy or hard is what matters in the end.   The Yankees have had the easiest schedule these past 3 or 4 weeks.  One sub .500 team after another.  Well, we’re in for it (maybe).  Come next week, we’re either singing for joy, or singing the blues.

Maybe Wilbur is an optimistic one.  I usually appreciate his articles, especially considering the other options in the Boston Sports Media.  The rest of the BSM is utterly annoying and pathetic, especially that certain Schilling antagonizer.  Unfortunately, I think Eric has it wrong here.  He has no follow up as of yet to yesterday’s game.  In fact, I don’t recall him writing too much after the Sox start to go on a stink.  Convenient, no?  Come on Wilbur, admit that you are just a little bit worried about the hometown team!!

As is evident, I have my doubts.  While I hope the Sox come out strong from now until the end of the month, I can’t help but let history play a part in all of this.  Choking is nothing new for the team.  1978 (I was wearing a Sox hat in my mother’s womb when they choked), 1986, and finally 2003.  Yes, they did win it three years ago.  Right, we have new management and ownership.  So far, we’ve been pretty darn good, but it is always instinctual for a Red Sox fan to think the worst and hope for the best.  When a team has a monumental lead of 14.5 and then diminishes it to just 5, you have to wonder if they are on the right track.

I want the division.  I want 100 wins.  I want the ALDS, the ALCS, and the WS.  I will become more greedy the better my team is.  2004 only tempted me for more.  I want the Red Sox to be known as the modern day Yankees.  Yankees had the 20th Century, I want the 21st.

3 Responses to “Start Worrying And Is It 1978 Again?”

  1. 2.5 and Counting! « God likes mosh pits too. Says:

    […] some could have argued that I was merely overreacting back in August, but now most are singing the same […]

  2. Dan Says:

    I remember Bucky Dent’s HR like it was yesterday; utter disbeleif and shock. And you could feel the Sox gave up at that moment. It looks to me that they gave up after giving the game to NY in the 8-7 debacle. How did that happen? Another Bucky Dent moment. I also remeber in ’74 the Red Sox had a massive lead over Baltimore that evaporated by Sept. Is it part of the spirit of the franchise? Even withthe most talent in the league htey still collapse. It almost seems that they are afraid of success. Losing Damon was devastating to the Sox. The attitude that he and other former players had was what won the WS in 2004. That is long gone.

  3. metaljaybird Says:

    I could imagine the Dent homer would have been devastating to fans. I remember my father’s 30 birthday party in 86. I was just a little kid, but a ton of his friends were over watching game 6. Boy did the spirit of that party change. I saw grown men with tears running down their face.

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