Four to Go!

Gagne. Why? Can I see your payslip, because I am starting to believe it has the Yankees logo on it. We couldn’t beat Baltimore. Baltimore! A team that is always a guaranteed easy win. Not anymore. What does their payroll equal, like 80 million? Has this team ever even made the playoffs? While we get dominated by a team that is 1 step above AAA, the Yankees had an easy go at the Indians, a team that is a serious contender.

Schilling was the one positive note. He pitched very well. If he keeps this up, we may barely scrape into the playoffs this year. On paper, we have the best bullpen, probably the best rotation, the 3rd best fielding, and well, hitting needs to be better. Time for the paper to transition back to the field.

We return home this week. Please give us a winning streak that lasts longer then 2 games.


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