Who are the crazy lunatics?

A bunch of neoconservatives claim that Ron Paul supporters are looney.  From Mark Levin, to this guy.  Right, a man that actually thinks following the U.S. Constitution must be crazy.  I used to think Bush was a decent president.  I have an older entry that goes into detail my conversion from kool-aide neocon, to libertarian paleoconservative.  Either the Constitution is of value to the USA or it isn’t.

Why are Ron Paul supporters crazy?  Is it because we think the war in Iraq is about oil??  Terrorism exists, but obviously bombing oil enriched nations has not helped us to stop terrorism.

Does our dollar have any actual worth?  I don’t know.  I’d like to cash in for gold, but the government won’t let me.

Am I nutzo because I want to shut down the IRS? Come on, even a neocon will have to admit how awesome that is.

I hate to tell every neocon, but Reagan would never have supported the current administration.  GW is a joke.


One Response to “Who are the crazy lunatics?”

  1. shaggy Says:

    you said it!

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