Mark Levin is off the hinge

The wife and I were driving around yesterday after dinner and popped on 77 WABC. Mark Levin happened to be on with his incessant whiny voice. Most of his points are valid, but he is wrong on the Patriot Act and Iraq. I used to listen to him often just to hear him say, “GET OFF THE PHONE YOU BIG DOPE!”

Apparently he has been getting an unusual amount of phone calls from Ron Paul supporters. To the point that you can hear the irritation in his irritating voice whenever someone calls supporting Ron Paul. So yesterday he gave out Ron Paul’s phone number. Wow, that will scare him. I can see Ron Paul telling everyone that disagrees with Mark Levin to call him up and harass him. I doubt it.

Mark Levin has a nickname for Ron Paul. Ru Paul. Wow, no one saw that coming. These childish monikers are sad, Mark. Nonetheless, they still provide a guilty pleasure for me. Since my disillusionment with the neocons, I rarely listen to the talking heads on AM radio. Same old over used arguments on why the Iraq war was Constitutional (wait, they never argue that point convincingly), and why Bush is the right president for the time (wrong).

Mark thinks he is a small government advocate. Not as long as he blindly supports the neoconservatives. Those big government hypocrites have him wrapped around their fat pot bellies. Go ahead Marky, vote for a big government lunatic like Romney or Rudy. Throw your support behind them all day for all I care. Eventually true conservatives will see the light and turn you off.



21 Responses to “Mark Levin is off the hinge”

  1. Hatemonger Says:

    When somone isnt even polling within the mardin of error its time to hang it up. But why would facts get in the way of thinking?

  2. metaljaybird Says:


    Right, so let us hope that McCain follows suit. Straw Polls have so far placed Ron Paul in the top five. He continually wins online polls. I guess you could blame BOTH the straw polls and the online polls on the same spammers.

    Seriously, why should someone hang it up if they aren’t polling withing the margin of error?

    Where did you get these stats?

    I’m supporting Ron Paul even if he has no shot. I hope eventually Americans will tire of war mongering big government liberals like Bush and Hillary.

    Ron Paul has a great grass roots movement that is growing fast. No doubt about it, if the media decided to cover him fairly, he’d have the name recognition of Hillary and Romney.

    Who are you voting for, Hatemonger?

  3. Hatemonger Says:

    Haven’t made up my mind yet. I still don’t know enough about the candidates, I am not going to cast my vote for someone just because they said one thing I like. There needs to be an abundance of things I agree with. With that said, do you really put your trust in online polls. I would hope not. Ron Paul attracts less than 35% against a democrat. Do you really think you can win with those numbers. Only if you are dyslexic.

  4. metaljaybird Says:

    There needs to be an abundance of things I agree with. With that said, do you really put your trust in online polls. I would hope not. Ron Paul attracts less than 35% against a democrat.

    Hatemonger, of course I don’t. That is the entire point. I don’t believe he can win, but I’m voting for him because I agree with pretty much everything he stands for:

    1. Voted for the war in Afghanistan
    2. Voted against the war in Iraq
    3. Wants to end the IRS
    4. End Unconstitutional spending
    5. Opposes “trade” deals such as NAFTA, NAU, CAFTA, etc.)
    6. Opposes the Patriot Act
    7. Opposes the National ID Card
    8. GOA calls him the number 1 protector of 2nd Amendment
    9. Stop Illegal Immigration and secure our borders
    10. Against regulation of the internet

    There’s a few to relish on.

    Those 10 reasons are number enough for me to vote for Ron Paul.

    Against a war mongering democrat, he’d win.

  5. Hatemonger Says:

    #6 and #7 proves he isnt serious on National Security. But go ahead and waste your vote in the primary. He isnt going to make the national election.

  6. metaljaybird Says:

    Haha, national security. More like national insecurity.

    I’m soo scared and need the big brother to protect me from those scary terrorists.

    I’ll vote for him even in the national election. There he’ll make it.

  7. Hatemonger Says:

    If your head is so far up your ass that you dont think we need national security then you are a fool just like Ron Paul. It is people like you who have their heads buried deep in the sand and dont realize that there are those that want to kill us and will stop at nothing to get it done. But I guess their own words have no effect on you. Put down the comic books and start paying attention to what is happening around the world.

  8. metaljaybird Says:


    I think it is you who is clueless. Are you familiar with martial law? Do you understand the implications of a society that allows its government to override its constitution in order to “protect” people?

    I am a long time reader with a rather huge library, some comic books have graced my ocular sense.

    Of course “national security” is of concern. How does requiring me to get an ID and permit Bush to spy on me prevent terrorism? Please, instead of stating that I have my head up my ass, give an intelligent response as to how the Patriot Act benefits us. I seriously doubt you have ever read it.

    Maybe try to read some instead of taking talking points from 3 monkey republicans like Rush, Hannity, and the dumbass, Levin.

  9. Hatemonger Says:

    I guess you havent heard of attacks that were thwarted through the use of the Patriot Act. Come out of Moomas basement and breathe some fresh air.

  10. metaljaybird Says:

    I’ve heard of them, yes. I wouldn’t credit the Patriot Act with that.

    BTW, I’m a homeowner, holds down a good job, has a wife and kid, and rocks on the guitar.

    I just don’t buy into the whole “the government can do a good job protecting us” bullshit that you seem to have stuffed up your anal.

  11. alambka Says:

    Hatemonger needs to turn off Rush and Fox news and turn on his brain (if possible).

  12. metaljaybird Says:

    I definitely can’t argue with you on that one, alambka.

  13. Jason Mitchell Says:

    $5 million in the bank.

    We are here till the end, unlike the pro-war crusader McCain.

    Mark Levin can eat a fat one.

  14. metaljaybird Says:

    Hi Jason, Ron Paul has quite a campaign going right now.

  15. U Fail Says:

    Whoever wrote this article fails horribly. Levin frequently disagrees with the Bush administrations actions and endorsed Fred Thompson until he was out of the race. He only switched to supporting Romney afterwards.

  16. metaljaybird Says:

    I don’t care that he endorsed Thompson. Fred Thompson was about as stimulating as watching paint dry. He had no chance.

    The only point is, he did not vote for the true Conservative, Ron Paul.

    Fails? Please. This was written months ago, where you’ve been, U Fail?

  17. Infowarrior1984 Says:

    the neocon peice of crap Levin supports the new world order buliderbergs and other eletes i hope Levin knows when shit hits the fan its going to hit him hard and he should of said you know what Ron Paul had it right all along and apolgize to Ron Paul and his supporters but i dont think he will he hannity and other neocons are to scared they want nothing to do with Ron Paul i think Ron Paul should call Mark Levin and have a debate and i bet you Ron Paul would Own Levin in his mind games and Levin will cry his little heart out and say Ron Paul was never a lair he is very truthful and honest

  18. metaljaybird Says:

    True that, Info. Though I don’t think Paul would waste his time on a lightweight like Levin.

  19. Gudmund Says:

    To be honest, Levin is entertaining…I just wish he had the courage to do more than parrot the insane Bush Brownshirts line on the Middle East. Ron Paul posits correctly that empires never last. But to question the police state and unnecessary war of aggression/occupation earns only the ire of these “big government conservatives” (an oxymoron to be sure), who then accuse you of living in a “September 10th mentality.”

    To me the PATRIOT Act and other neocon power-consolidating initiatives are akin to the nihilistic tactics of the NSDAP. American Exceptionalism has proven to be just another apology for oppressors: see, fear-mongering and wartime persecution are two age-old tools of tyrants, and you’d think people would be wise to those tricks after so long. But maybe I’m just too Romantic for my own good.

    I love my country and its traditions. I think it is being destroyed by these imperialists – especially since most of these imbeciles have no problem footing the average American citizen with the massive bill resulting from their intemperance. Just look at these bank bailouts (a part of the larger problem with these people)! All of it does nothing but prove that von Mises (by way of Ron Paul) was right all along – less government, free markets, non-aggression. But now we common folk serve a global aristocracy who care nothing for this country or it’s citizenry. Those who pay too much mind to idiots like Limbaugh and the rest are being led Pied-Piper-like to their own doom. That’s the real meaning of a “September 10th mentality.”

  20. metaljaybird Says:


    I used to be a fan of Mark’s, but after time, his shrill voice started getting to me. I see him as much as neocon as Dick Cheney.

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