Uhaul is a disaster

Just got the run around about a 75.00 overcharge. Uhaul is nothing but a scam. Do not, I repeat, do not rent from this joke of a company. Their disorganization is a total joke. 75.00 isn’t much, but they sure didn’t work for it.

Picked up and returned the truck on the same day. Lo and behold they charged me 75.00 extra. At 1.79 a mile for local drives, and I drove approximately 14 miles round trip, that should place me at 25. The math doesn’t add up.

The corporate customer service is reporting some odd miles. They say I took the car for a 32 mile joy ride. “The burden of proof lay upon you” says the pathetic excuse of an employed person. No, if you can’t add, then that is your fault.

Yes, 75 bucks is only 75 bucks. It’s my 75.

I’m just venting right now.


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