Downs Syndrome Child Murdered Along With His Healthy Twin

After doctors realized their mistake, they notified the woman in question. She returned to the hospital to have the disabled baby aborted as well…

This is another example of many that proves abortion is unnecessary and despicable. This disgusting murdering mother can’t bear the fact that one of her twin sons has downs syndrome. She arranges to have it murdered to ease her despicable life. The doctors botched the job and destroy the life of the healthy child. Once they realize their mistake (assuming they looked at the dead body of the child), they contacted the mother, she came back and ordered the disabled child’s death sentence.

Oh, but the supporters of death will argue that this is a minor case and that all nations should reserve the right for a woman to practice abortion.  Give me a break.  I don’t care how small it is, a human life is a human life.  If we can’t value the life of a baby, then we aren’t worth anything.

Pro-abortionists, those murdering hypocrites,  should be locked up for life.


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