The American Ideal Versus the Present Day American Government

Thomas Jefferson, one of the premiere founders of the United States, said it best,”Nothing… is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man.”

Like his contemporaries of that time, he understood the rights that are reserved for mankind. As an example of which should be of concern to us as American Citizens today, James Madison stated, “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.

The US Government is now afraid to trust citizens with arms. Today, a person needs to jump through so many loopholes before being permitted the use of his weapon. The Constitution means nothing when you cannot even carry a concealed weapon in some states without proper authorization.

Another concern I have noticed, is that we as Americans, are demanding security while compromising liberty. This is exactly what the founders of our nation spoke against. Without liberty, we have no security. Plenty are compromising everything we fought for in the Revolutionary War because of their fear of terrorism.

Am I unpatriotic because I think the current government is filled with criminals seeking only to take our liberties away while expanding the unconstitutional American Empire? Has my allegiance with the American Ideal been broken because I do not support the War on Terror? And because I oppose unlawful acts like the Real ID and Patriot Act? Whatever happened to the sense of independence Americans historically held?

We as Americans have grown so lazy and soft. Is our liberty worth it? We don’t have freedom anymore. What we have is a pathetic government with an agenda to expand world wide unification. When we as a majority decry the war in Iraq, why does the government continue to sacrifice our soldiers for this costly war? The government does not care about you as an individual, nor us as a majority.

Is it time for a revolution? I do not stand in support of the US government. I stand and support the American Ideal. The ideal that gives all citizens of the USA freedom without compromise. I am not betraying anyone. It is the critics of people like myself that are the traitors, the tories.

Time for a change. Time to get back to the basics. Time is almost up.


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