I’m Disappointed, Beli

I am disappointed in Belichick. I am a long time Pats fan, and now have to hide my tee shirts.

Now plenty will wonder if he cheated during those awesome Super Bowl runs. I hope not, but there will always be that “what if” thought in my head when looking back. Probably not during the first Bowl (playing a third string QB with little chance of winning). Maybe during the last one.

I would like an honest explanation from him as to why he felt this was necessary. Even though spying on signs is nothing new (and the technique Beli chose to use is probably nothing new either), he cheated and tarnished the image of the New England Patriots.

The punishment? Maybe the commissioner would have the best interests of the NFL if he were to ban Belichick from football for the rest of the season. Harsh? Maybe, but this is a sport after all, and cheating should be strictly enforced. I would bet that a coach doing the same on a third rate high school football team would be fired.

The NFL has maintained a level of excellence and professionalism that other sports have aimed for. The NBA? Referee caught gambling (and he is probably not the only one). Some of those draft lotteries have left me to wonder how fixed the NBA is (watch the draft pick for Ewing). The MLB? Steroids are leaking out of DH’s sweat glands. The NHL? They strike every other year it seems, though the NHL deserves to be as highly acclaimed as the NFL.

If the NFL simply slaps the wrist of Belichick, they will only embolden others to create newer ways of cheating, realizing that the repercussions are tiny.

I believe Beli has an uncanny ability at coaching. He didn’t need to cheat. He shouldn’t have cheated. The talent is so stacked on his team, that the prospect of cheating should have never been a thought.

Oh well, at least David Ortiz gave New England a reason to smile. Big Papi!


2 Responses to “I’m Disappointed, Beli”

  1. Joe Stankowski Says:

    All is fair in love, war and football, no?


  2. metaljaybird Says:

    That’s how it seems to be these days.

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