2.5 and Counting!

Francona, Francona, Francona. Would you please get off the Gagne train and use Papelbon when the game is on the line (and the division, maybe the playoffs) with 6 or less outs left in the game?!? What was wrong with Manny D.? He got that first out in easy fashion, yet you confounded the entire Red Sox nation and chose to go with the sure bet at blowing a game. I don’t know the official count, but I think Gagme has blown about 5 or 6 games since joining the Sox. Hmm…we are down to 2.5, so you might be able to argue that Gagne is one of the largest reasons why our massive lead has diminished to the size of a dwarf.

Sure, some could have argued that I was merely overreacting back in August, but now most are singing the same tune.

Manny Ramirez, will you please come out to play today? Sure, we don’t mind having sub 230 hitters in place of you, but I think it is time to dust off that old bat of yours and do what you’re getting paid 10s of millions a year to do. Play baseball. Don’t worry, they fixed the toilet behind the scoreboard and purchased the latest Barbecue catalogs for you to read will going duty.


2 Responses to “2.5 and Counting!”

  1. Dan Says:

    I’ve given up on the Sox for this season. They seem tired and willing to give up; in many ways it is a replay of ’78. Except for the 2004 team the Sox have not been a courageous team. They are playing like cowards walking the Green Mile to their foreordained fate, and the Yankees will pull the switch. I don’t like the Yankees but you have to respect them. Being able to come back from 14 1/2 down is an amazing accomplishment. But the Sox have been very generous to them as well.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Right. I think they make the playoffs, the wild card, and get eliminated in the ALDS.

    They were on fire this season until the All Star break (as usual). Somehow, they barely have the best record in baseball, but that will probably change this week.


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