1.5 and 1 in the Loss Column

Alright.  The team is in the ambulance with a defibrillator bursting the heart in an attempt to revive the dying team.

2 Responses to “1.5 and 1 in the Loss Column”

  1. Dan Says:

    Why do the Yankees thrive under pressure and the Sox collapse? This year the Sox had more talent but that doesn’t seem to matter; And another thing that has always bothered me are the players that do great before and after they were withthe Sox; i.e. Renteria, JD Drew, Gagne, etc.. This is not a new phenomena; back in the 70’s the Sox had Sparky Lyle who was average, but then with the Yankees became a superstar; the same with Dennis Eckersley. Is there something about the BOston sports culture that collapses the abilities of great players? Is it simply bad matches and lack of compatability being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Is it the over the top scrutiny and constant criticisms? Is NY any better in that regard? I believe every institution has a spirit; the Yankees have a spirit of success and grace under pressure. The Sox have a spirit of fear and collapse under pressure. I guess we just have to live in 2004; at least for one season it was different.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Good questions, Dan. I personally feel that management (not just Francona) can cause the outcome of the team.

    Don’t be so worried because the new ownership has done a pretty decent job overall. Since 2002, we’ve had multiple 90+ win seasons, made the playoffs 3 times and have overall been one of the top contenders.

    Other teams can only dream of that kind of continued success. Yes, next to the Yankees, we at times look like the weaker part. Makes sense, when you consider the 80 million dollar salary difference.

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