Candidate Calculator

I am 95 percent like Ron Paul based on this candidate calculator. I don’t know where I differed. What is your score?

4 Responses to “Candidate Calculator”

  1. pcg Says:

    I, too, am most like Ron Paul in terms of the issues. Imagine my surprise when I went looking for information on him (since I had never even heard of him) and most of what I found were grumbling Republicans about how he’s unelectable and his supporters are rabid spammers.

    So yeah, now I’m REALLY confused. 🙂

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Hi PCG,

    Ron Paul is a great defender of the Constitution. He’s got my vote. Tune out the talking heads of the RP.

  3. Dan Says:

    I took the test and came out 68% on Ron Paul. I really do think this coutnry needs him. A candidate who says what he thinks and still respects the Constitution is like a breath of fresh air. The media and other Republicans are terrified of him and his popularity among young people. I find his support among college people to be a very sign that not everyone has been seduced by brain washing political correctness, especially in academia.
    If he doesn’t get the Republican nomination I hope he runs as a libertarian. He needs to a candidate for the election whatever party he is in.

  4. metaljaybird Says:

    If he doesn’t win, I don’t think he’ll join with the LP again, but I do think there will be a massive write in campaign.

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