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Company C Tomorrow, Company A Responded Back

October 31, 2007

Tomorrow I have the interview with Company C. Though I am nervous, I at least have the attitude that I have nothing to lose. I will try my best to put my best foot forward with them. Who knows, maybe they’ll hire me.

Company A responded back after I sent a couple messages to their IT manager and HR rep. The HR rep was kind enough to inform me that they will be deciding early next week on the correct candidate. To be honest, if both A and C were to offer, I’d choose A as it is right now.

The past few days have spent covering my job duties and taking plenty of online exams. I find I can learn a lot just from taking these quizzes over and over. Sad, but I have forgotten the principles of the OSI Model, so in preparation of these interviews, I printed a chart out and have it next to my monitor. It is amazing how much I have forgotten since I graduated. I am debating continuing my education if the job search proves to be ruthless. I am hoping to make the jump from desktops to servers/networks, and realize this is kind of a huge jump.

Company A and C offer positions that would give me the ability to work in both environments on an equal basis. My current position gives me maybe about 25 percent exposure to the Windows Server Environment.


A Rod, Please Stay Out Of Boston

October 30, 2007

Boston doesn’t need Alex Rodriguez. He belongs in a small market town that has no chance of winning a World Series. Maybe he should go back to Texas. This will help them to get more major spots on ESPN and Fox.

Please, A Rod, please stay out of Boston. We have received 2 more rings since you signed with the Yankees. Dice K had more RBIs then you during the off season! I respect your talent. You are a future HoF, but you won’t go in wearing the Red Sox jersey.

You showed disrespect towards the Fall Classic (which you may never come to realize) by letting your daddy announce your opt out of your contract during game 4. You then continued that disrespect by slapping Hank Aaron in the face by choosing not to show up to receive the Hank Aaron Award.

Have fun making 300,000,000.00 the next few years. I hope you like California. Oh, and if you do sign with them, thanks for taking away the largest post season competition for the Red Sox. We aren’t done getting those rings.


No Reply Back From Company A – Company C Interview Coming Up

October 30, 2007

So far I haven’t heard anything from Company A. I sent a follow up message to their HR representative today. I was promised a call back early this week. Crickets are ringing in my ears…

On the plus side, I received a call for a local company we’ll call Company C. I don’t know if I’m qualified for the job they are seeking, but this company offers a promising career. HR Lady explained that I would come in on Thursday, complete their application, and then take a test. Yes, a test. Blah. I hate tests. I tried some technical tests online today to see how I would do, and let us just say that maybe I should be seeking a gas attendant job. I have been out of training mode for so long that I have become rusty.

Even though I have until the end of March, I can’t help but feel like I have a monkey on my back. I think I need to get alone with my Bible and let God give me some comfort.

2007 World Series Champions – The Boston Red Sox!

October 29, 2007

Not much to say, but congratulations to the Boston Red Sox.  They dominated the Colorado Rockies the entire time, and finished them off in great fashion last night, with a 4-3 thriller going to the bottom of the ninth.  I would have picked Papelbon for the MVP, but I can see arguing for Lowell to be just as deserving.

Why did A-Rod choose to announce his inevitable option from his contract during the World Series?  Can a Red Sox fan go one day without hearing some kind of Yankees related news?  No, I don’t blame the Yankees for this gaff.  I hope we don’t sign him.  We have a working formula that needs Mike Lowell  at the left corner of the infield.  Heck, even keep Lugo at short, he’s a proven warrior during the post season.

Comparing the 2004 WS Champs with the 07 Champs is like comparing apples to oranges.  They can’t be compared.  The 04 team was full of veterans living on guts and glory, having to literally fight their way to the finish.  This year, the Red Sox had a lot of enthusiasm in their rookies and young guns, and experience and wisdom from their veterans and old dogs (including Manny).  The combination of the two types of players could prove to develop a possible Red Sox dynasty.

Everything worked out in the end.  My doubts during the season were unnecessary.  This was a team built to win a World Series, and that is exactly what they accomplished.

Big ups to Terry Francona.  He is now 8 and 0 in the World Series with a Red Sox uniform on.  Also, a hand goes out to Lester.  What a story, overcoming a battle with cancer, and finishes a winner in game 4 of the World Series.  This should be a great start to a long and storied career.

Now I get to have some sleep.  Fox commercials and all are done for at least another year.  And not soon enough!

Borders On The Absurd!

October 26, 2007

This article goes over a mother’s fight with Universal Music Publishing Group. She is in the habit of posting videos of her family on Youtube and had a cute one with her son bouncing to the rhythm of the Purple Prince. UMPG decided that she was a major threat to corporate profits and filed a complaint with Youtube to have it removed.

Yes, the good old RIAA strikes once again.  I can’t stand the industry right now.

Update: Company B – Blah

October 25, 2007

I don’t think I’d take the job from Company B if offered.  The manager’s attitude clued me in that this was not the place for me.  People seemed rather miserable, and even though this job is close to my house,  I don’t think I’m interested.

Also, I just found out my sister was pushed by her long time boyfriend and father of her children.  What do you suggest I do?

Great Start, Keep it Going Sox!

October 25, 2007

What a fun game that was last night.  At least, for anyone siding with the Red Sox.  I thought they would win the game, but not in the fashion that was presented to me last night.  So many records were broken last night, that I think the game bordered on the ridiculous.  I would say that the combination of the Red Sox staying hot, and the Rocks having a long lay off culminated to the bombardment last night.

I think today will prove to be a quite different game, and may even result in a last man standing pitcher’s dual.  The Rockies have come this far not to let it be swept away.

Eric Wilbur predicted the Rockies to win in 6.  For me, I can’t predict who will be the winner, but I can at least enjoy this WS while it lasts.

Next Interview Today

October 25, 2007

In about an hour, I will be sitting in someone’s office trying to impress someone enough that they’d consider hiring me.  This is my second interview in as many days.  Yesterday’s interview with company A went well, I believe.  They sent me their package of benefits, and I have to say I wasn’t too impressed.  Medical alone would cost me about ten thousand a year if I am to take the job that I think they will offer.  The job itself seems like a great position with plenty of opportunity for growth and experience, and the manager seemed like a personable individual.  Again, the commute is a bit on the long side.

Company B interview starts at 1:30 today.  I don’t know much about the job, as the description was very short.  They contacted me after I sent my second resume to them.  The big bonus to this job is that it is a 10 – 15 minute commute tops.  I’m actually a little nervous, which is unusual, as I typically handle interviews with ease.   Hopefully everything goes well, as I will consider taking a pay cut if the job is closer to home.

First Interview Tomorrow

October 23, 2007

I have an interview setup for 10:30 tomorrow morning.  The job is located in Fair Lawn, NJ, which is about 20 miles from my house.  Unfortunately, it is heading east towards the city, so I’ll have to see how the traffic is.  I have a feeling that once passing 287, it will be ok, but going home could be a nightmare.  If the company doesn’t seem like a place I would enjoy, then I will not take it.  I have a 30 minute commute right now, I don’t plan on adding more to it.

I’ll update everyone tomorrow.  I have to get a haircut and find my suit.  Sigh.  I hate this game.

Red Sox 2007 ALCS Champions!

October 22, 2007

Well, well, well.  The Red Sox have done it again.  After a two season absence, they have reached the World Series.  We had so much fun watching this team come back to win three straight against the admirable Indians.  Yesterday was a nail biter of a game, with the game close until late into the game.   Dice K has a way of making me nervous when he is on the mound.  He pitched a few fabulous innings, but one inning almost dealt the lead to the Indians.

Sox are in it to win it.  I enjoyed the MasterCard commercial with  Roger Clemens.  Shows him playing a round of golf with some buddies.  I turned to my wife and said, “Honey, this is exactly what Roger Clemens is doing right now.”  We had a good laugh at the expense of a $28,000,000.00 per half season pitcher.

The Red Sox need just four more wins to bring the trophy back to Boston.  I am not counting the Rocket out yet.