March 28 Severance Package Will Be Issued

My company announced to the majority of employees that major job cuts will be occurring in the next few months.  The entire IT department will be phased out with the mother ship in Boston assuming the regional roles.  So, in March, my job will be done.  The package is so small that I can’t afford to wait for the end. I am on the job market once again.

Having recently purchased a new home, and looking at my 1 year old daughter, I can’t help but feel a bit anxious about everything.  I do believe that God will never leave us hanging, but I am only human and with that comes the emotions attached.

Thankfully they are keeping me on until the end of March.  This gives me the opportunity to find a different but comparable position with a different company.

If you know of any companies looking for a Network Specialist or 3rd level support analyst, please feel free to comment here!

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