2007 World Series Champions – The Boston Red Sox!

Not much to say, but congratulations to the Boston Red Sox.  They dominated the Colorado Rockies the entire time, and finished them off in great fashion last night, with a 4-3 thriller going to the bottom of the ninth.  I would have picked Papelbon for the MVP, but I can see arguing for Lowell to be just as deserving.

Why did A-Rod choose to announce his inevitable option from his contract during the World Series?  Can a Red Sox fan go one day without hearing some kind of Yankees related news?  No, I don’t blame the Yankees for this gaff.  I hope we don’t sign him.  We have a working formula that needs Mike Lowell  at the left corner of the infield.  Heck, even keep Lugo at short, he’s a proven warrior during the post season.

Comparing the 2004 WS Champs with the 07 Champs is like comparing apples to oranges.  They can’t be compared.  The 04 team was full of veterans living on guts and glory, having to literally fight their way to the finish.  This year, the Red Sox had a lot of enthusiasm in their rookies and young guns, and experience and wisdom from their veterans and old dogs (including Manny).  The combination of the two types of players could prove to develop a possible Red Sox dynasty.

Everything worked out in the end.  My doubts during the season were unnecessary.  This was a team built to win a World Series, and that is exactly what they accomplished.

Big ups to Terry Francona.  He is now 8 and 0 in the World Series with a Red Sox uniform on.  Also, a hand goes out to Lester.  What a story, overcoming a battle with cancer, and finishes a winner in game 4 of the World Series.  This should be a great start to a long and storied career.

Now I get to have some sleep.  Fox commercials and all are done for at least another year.  And not soon enough!

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