A Rod, Please Stay Out Of Boston

Boston doesn’t need Alex Rodriguez. He belongs in a small market town that has no chance of winning a World Series. Maybe he should go back to Texas. This will help them to get more major spots on ESPN and Fox.

Please, A Rod, please stay out of Boston. We have received 2 more rings since you signed with the Yankees. Dice K had more RBIs then you during the off season! I respect your talent. You are a future HoF, but you won’t go in wearing the Red Sox jersey.

You showed disrespect towards the Fall Classic (which you may never come to realize) by letting your daddy announce your opt out of your contract during game 4. You then continued that disrespect by slapping Hank Aaron in the face by choosing not to show up to receive the Hank Aaron Award.

Have fun making 300,000,000.00 the next few years. I hope you like California. Oh, and if you do sign with them, thanks for taking away the largest post season competition for the Red Sox. We aren’t done getting those rings.


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