No Reply Back From Company A – Company C Interview Coming Up

So far I haven’t heard anything from Company A. I sent a follow up message to their HR representative today. I was promised a call back early this week. Crickets are ringing in my ears…

On the plus side, I received a call for a local company we’ll call Company C. I don’t know if I’m qualified for the job they are seeking, but this company offers a promising career. HR Lady explained that I would come in on Thursday, complete their application, and then take a test. Yes, a test. Blah. I hate tests. I tried some technical tests online today to see how I would do, and let us just say that maybe I should be seeking a gas attendant job. I have been out of training mode for so long that I have become rusty.

Even though I have until the end of March, I can’t help but feel like I have a monkey on my back. I think I need to get alone with my Bible and let God give me some comfort.


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