Company C Tomorrow, Company A Responded Back

Tomorrow I have the interview with Company C. Though I am nervous, I at least have the attitude that I have nothing to lose. I will try my best to put my best foot forward with them. Who knows, maybe they’ll hire me.

Company A responded back after I sent a couple messages to their IT manager and HR rep. The HR rep was kind enough to inform me that they will be deciding early next week on the correct candidate. To be honest, if both A and C were to offer, I’d choose A as it is right now.

The past few days have spent covering my job duties and taking plenty of online exams. I find I can learn a lot just from taking these quizzes over and over. Sad, but I have forgotten the principles of the OSI Model, so in preparation of these interviews, I printed a chart out and have it next to my monitor. It is amazing how much I have forgotten since I graduated. I am debating continuing my education if the job search proves to be ruthless. I am hoping to make the jump from desktops to servers/networks, and realize this is kind of a huge jump.

Company A and C offer positions that would give me the ability to work in both environments on an equal basis. My current position gives me maybe about 25 percent exposure to the Windows Server Environment.


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