Accepted Position From Company C

Ok, as previously stated, Company C offered me a position.  I did in fact decide to go for it.  While I’ll be making slightly less then my previous job, I think I’ll enjoy the opportunity to learn new technologies and to finally walk away from end user support.  Also, a major bonus is that the position is only 4 and a half miles from my house.  I will save a significant amount money in commute costs over the year.  This will more then help to offset the salary difference.

I am glad to be done with the job search.  As long as this company is a good one, I plan on settling with them for a long haul.  They provide incentive for obtaining industry certifications, so that will help to raise the salary significantly.

Thanks to those who prayed.  I will let you know how the first few weeks work out.  I start after Thanksgiving.


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