Enjoy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of family gathering for me. We pack up the car and either head up north to Connecticut to visit the wild family (mine), or head south to South Jersey to visit the civilized family (hers). I usually have a bunch of fun with the family up north, but we are usually exhausted from all of the bickering and screaming that occurs. The family down south is more reserved but yet enjoyable because I get so relaxed. So relaxed that I become antsy with boredom towards the end of the stay.

The two families are polar opposites. While one side is full of beer, shaved heads, and tattoos, the other side is full of hymn sings, Swedish food, and engaging discussions. It would be an interesting experiment to place both families in a confined area for a few days. I think the results from the different energies would cause such an explosion that God himself would take note on how to destroy another Sodom and Gomorrah.

The wife is a shy person, so when she does venture up north, the inevitable murmurings occur from the many womenfolk:

1. Why is she so quiet?

2. Does she not like us?

3. Is she feeling ok?

“She is fine, the turkey has her tired.” “Don’t you realize that she is tired for days on end after even smelling turkey?” Seriously, it usually works out all well and good, especially when discussing her beloved Red Sox. Because I am rarely up in CT land, I have to see all of my buddies. This usually means late nights goofing off and acting like a frat boy (though I am on the realm of seeing what 30 will be in a year plus change). The homeboys have not changed much, as they are not married. As said, I am always exhausted after the family trip up north.

Down south, the quiet peace is very refreshing the first day or so. We usually play some board games, eat a ton of food, and watch videos. This is fine for one night, but by the second night I am restless for more. They do not participate in the normal tackle football that my family does, (but then, we may do this to get out our aggression on one another) so I am left to ride my MTB or shoot hoops in solitude. Not a bad thing, but again, it is quite different from what I grew up with.

Both families are full of love though. I wouldn’t trade them for a Ferrari F1. Maybe two, but definitely not one. Anyway, enjoy your turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Me, I’ll be down south playing cards or strumming my guitar while falling asleep on their couch.

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