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The Truth Rocks the Sonics

December 28, 2007

Though I missed the game, I was indeed impressed with Paul’s efforts to overcome Seattle.  Seattle seemed to put up a good fight scoring 27 in the 3rd to bring it close, until the whirlwind that is Pierce, came through with every possible type of shot known to mankind.

I wish I saw that game, because it is very exciting when someone is on fire.  He was, and they won on his shoulders.  Luckily for him, he is not the main person they rely on.  With Ray Allen and KG playing for the C’s, he can enjoy the fact that the focus isn’t always on him.

Yesterday’s game should prove how underrated Pierce’s career has been.  With over 15,000 points in his career, averaging 23.5 PPG, he should definitely rank well above average.  He is a fighter and a leader.  While going through most of his career during “rebuilding eras”, he was expected to inspire and teach the young players.  If you have your doubts, take a look at Chauncey now. 

I was a Walker fan for awhile, because Walker has a ton of charisma, but I think in the long run, Pierce will go down as one of the elite Celtics along with Bird and Russell.  At the age of 30, he still has some prime years to go before the inevitable downfall occurs, but if he gains 1 or 2 championships with the Big 3, we’ll be retiring his jersey sometime in the future.


Funny To Watch

December 27, 2007

Fecke, an anti-Ron Paul with a secret man-crush on Vox, has decided to grasp at straws and argue that no one should support Dr. Paul because Vox Day supports him.  The comments are of particular interest to me, in that they are hilarious.  Here are some examples of liberal intellectualism:

Trust me, reading Vox Day is like taking a ball peen hammer to your temple repeatedly. It hurts, and in the end you’re dumber for the experience.

That is a pretty good insult.

Why do I get the feeling that, if Ron Paul said to, all the Pauldroids would very happily drink the purple Cyanide-Aide so they could meet the Space Brothers in the Comet of Space Joy?
Scott | Homepage | 12.27.07 – 5:39 am | #

Yes, because Jonestown were full of gun toting libertarians? The progressives weak attempts at disparaging the Doc are almost sad.

Then it gets into the debate of abortion and baning Vox readers.

Just to explain, I got into Vox while reading his articles on WND a few years back. He is hilarious if you haven’t read him, because he has a way at getting people ticked off while proving his point. He merely pointed out that it is, indeed possible to deport all the illegals, as the Nazis were able to do so. Many people then jumped all over him calling him a Nazi sympathizer, blah, blah, blah. He was just making a point fellows!

I came onto the blogging a bit late. Originally I posted on forums and guestbooks, but never thought about writing my own blog until I found WordPress. Yes, I had a blogger called talkguitars (which is largely inactive), but I find WordPress’ interface much more convenient.

That being said, I love to blog, and I love to write my pointless comments and opinions on other sites. So check out Frecke’s lousy article for a good time, but be forewarned, there is plenty of ignorance from the left.


16-0 Dilemma

December 26, 2007

Some talking heads from ESPN radio (namely, a sub for Colin’s show), decided that the Patriots are wussies for playing all the big guys this Saturday against the Giants.  His reasons are that:

a.  The giants aren’t starting their starters
b.  The Patriots are just trying to get some records and pad everything.
c.  Give the jv guys a chance to start.
d.  Patriot fans will whine if Brady or Moss get injured – wouldn’t that be irony (he seems real hopeful of that).

Sigh.  One is left to wonder when a game simply becomes unimportant.  A loss is a loss.  To give up at this point would be obscene.  If Brady and co. were to sit out this weekend, this same person would find a way to criticize Bellichick for resting the dominant players when they do not need the rest, as they have dominated everyone the entire season.

The worst that can happen is that Brady or Moss get injured.  So what.  This could happen in the playoffs.  Then what?  If you don’t WIN the Superbowl, then nothing matters.  All the salivating over Romo and Manning won’t mean jack if they can’t get the ring.  If the Patriots win it all, it will be deemed the most dominating and impressive team in NFL history.  Period.  End of story.  Dolphins of ’72 did not play 19 to get to their record, and did not deal with the salary cap.

So, Mr. Sub of the Herd, please do me a favor, and SHUT UP!  Yes, it is so vogue to berate and complain about the Patriots.  Don’t forget, us Patriot fans had to deal with the embarrasment of 1 and 2 game winners in seasons past.  We dealt with close calls, and embarrassing Super Bowl losses.   Heck, some of us even died after celebrating too much in ’85.

Boston fans know pain and suffering probably more than most (with the respectful exception of the Cleveland Indians).  As the Celtics go out to the West to prove their worthiness, the MSM will only continue to find faults with the small city on the hill, frozen in the Northeast.  If Boston gets the triple crown of sports (maybe quadrupple, if the B’s have anything to say), Mr. Sub Radio Guy, will probably cry in frustration about his beloved Yankees and Giants of yesteryear.

To Brady and company:  Go get em!  Beat on the Giants like no tomorrow.  Take a few days off, and then do the same to your next three opponents.  As for me, I will enjoy this unusual success while it lasts.

LS – Please Reunite For One More Album

December 20, 2007

I have said it before, and I will say it again:  Living Sacrifice, please do everyone a favor and reunite for one more album.  I understand everyone has their lives in the way, but c’mon, throw this old metalhead a bone!

Some of the best shows I ever saw were during the days of Reborn, Hammering Process, etc.  I think you will find enough demand to warrant one more album.  Then you can call it quits.  Heck don’t even worry about a tour, if your old bones can’t take that lifestyle anymore.  Just record something in one of your basements, upload it on your website, and sell it for a few bucks.


December 20, 2007

As the low man on the totem poll, answering the support line, I walk my ass around all day to the other workers here as a secretary.  I don’t want to hear someone’s shit sobstory of why they can’t take the call from so and so because they don’t have time.  Give me a break.

This has to change, only because my job requirements are technical in nature, not administrative.  Sure, I may be the new guy, but give me a break, everyone needs to take their own calls, and stop giving excuses.


December 20, 2007

WND linked to an article about a person named Jason Flick, 27, of Village Way, PA.  He took humor at the expense of his 2 year old son. 

Hey Jason, since you like to pick on people, how about me?  I’m a 28 year old over 200 lbs man.  You know what, you had a great chance to raise this child in the right way, but chose to torment him for your own humor.

Click here to read more about this idiot.

Seriously, I feel so bad for his young son. Only 2 years old, I am sure his son worships him, and yet, he decided to use that power for evil. He’s not a man.

Latest Church Shooting

December 10, 2007

The shooting that occured Sunday hit home for me as a former YWAMer.  While on staff, I thought of YWAM as kind of safe from the dangers of the world.  How wrong I was.  I could only imagine what everyone is going through right now.

I have found it hard to concetrate today because of everything that has happened.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone hit by this.

Youth Crew/Old Crew

December 7, 2007

I’m feeling old today while listening to YoT, Op Ivy, and Gorilla Biscuits on my pandora. Something about the Revelation Record scene/youth crew stuff that just makes me smile and think I’m running late for 4th period biology class.

Into my freshman year of school, I arrived too late on the scene, as my freshman year started in 1993, but I considered myself straightedge. Earth Crisis was decent, but I really liked the old dirtier stuff that ruled the late 80s. I’d play it on my boombox shooting hoops and while riding one of my crappy skateboards.

I soon gave up the X edge label, but this music, though simple, will always hold a special place in my ear drums.

ARM Loan Idiots

December 6, 2007

So Bush has decided to flex his fascist muscles and grant relief to the people that fell into the ARM loan trap.  A five year interest freeze on maybe 1.2 million loans could take place next year.

Click here.

A few years ago, before we bought our current house (on a FIXED 30 year mortgage, mind you), we debated moving out of our apartment and purchasing a condo. We went into a real estate office and they walked us through various loan plans. The loan plan that their in-house financial adviser tried to sell us on was an ARM loan. “Oh, don’t worry, in 5 years you’ll be making a lot more money and will sell your house for a large profit.”

We walked away without a loan and decided to continue renting. It is not the job of the government to rescue people from their irresponible actions. I am amazed that people were surprised when their rates went up. What do you think the word “adjustable” means? Oh, but the loan officer was very persuasive. Yes, he is like a used car salesman. Unfortunately, many were fooled and did not read the fine print.

A few years ago we were not qualified to own a house. When the loan offered resembled a credit card, we realized that it was time to leave and focus on paying off our debts. Through God, our debts were payed off. School loans, car loans, credit cards and personal debts were finished. We then qualified for a better loan that was FIXED.

Suicide Link To Prescription Drugs?

December 5, 2007

The media is crazed about a case where a young teenager killed herself after being advised to do so by a friend on myspace.

Here is the article.

While I feel that everything about this is just tragic, the article also noted that she was deemed with ADD and bipolar disorder. She was on medication to treat these two mental disorders.

Now, I am no doctor, but I believe there is a recorded link between bipolar disorder and suicide. Since a person becomes reliant on prescription drugs to balance their mental well being, one would wonder if the drugs can cause side effects, such as suicidal tendencies or murderous thoughts.

It is quite possible that this young girl was not prescribed the right amount, or was skipping the necessary amount. Again, as a layman in the medical and psychological field, I can’t 100 percent predict everything that caused her suicide.

Most people would give a big F you to anyone that told them to go kill themselves. They would not take such poor advice to heart. Fact is, the slobs that played this cruel joke on her should be straightened out, but I don’t know if they should face jailtime.

The parents are unforgiving of these people, especially their former adult friend. Understandable, but unfortunate. They will never be able to move on with their lives until they can forgive these people for instilling cruelty on their poor child.

The bigger question is, had this young lady been properly cared for, not relying on prescription drugs and freudian philosophies to treat her, would she have killed herself?