Suicide Link To Prescription Drugs?

The media is crazed about a case where a young teenager killed herself after being advised to do so by a friend on myspace.

Here is the article.

While I feel that everything about this is just tragic, the article also noted that she was deemed with ADD and bipolar disorder. She was on medication to treat these two mental disorders.

Now, I am no doctor, but I believe there is a recorded link between bipolar disorder and suicide. Since a person becomes reliant on prescription drugs to balance their mental well being, one would wonder if the drugs can cause side effects, such as suicidal tendencies or murderous thoughts.

It is quite possible that this young girl was not prescribed the right amount, or was skipping the necessary amount. Again, as a layman in the medical and psychological field, I can’t 100 percent predict everything that caused her suicide.

Most people would give a big F you to anyone that told them to go kill themselves. They would not take such poor advice to heart. Fact is, the slobs that played this cruel joke on her should be straightened out, but I don’t know if they should face jailtime.

The parents are unforgiving of these people, especially their former adult friend. Understandable, but unfortunate. They will never be able to move on with their lives until they can forgive these people for instilling cruelty on their poor child.

The bigger question is, had this young lady been properly cared for, not relying on prescription drugs and freudian philosophies to treat her, would she have killed herself?


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