16-0 Dilemma

Some talking heads from ESPN radio (namely, a sub for Colin’s show), decided that the Patriots are wussies for playing all the big guys this Saturday against the Giants.  His reasons are that:

a.  The giants aren’t starting their starters
b.  The Patriots are just trying to get some records and pad everything.
c.  Give the jv guys a chance to start.
d.  Patriot fans will whine if Brady or Moss get injured – wouldn’t that be irony (he seems real hopeful of that).

Sigh.  One is left to wonder when a game simply becomes unimportant.  A loss is a loss.  To give up at this point would be obscene.  If Brady and co. were to sit out this weekend, this same person would find a way to criticize Bellichick for resting the dominant players when they do not need the rest, as they have dominated everyone the entire season.

The worst that can happen is that Brady or Moss get injured.  So what.  This could happen in the playoffs.  Then what?  If you don’t WIN the Superbowl, then nothing matters.  All the salivating over Romo and Manning won’t mean jack if they can’t get the ring.  If the Patriots win it all, it will be deemed the most dominating and impressive team in NFL history.  Period.  End of story.  Dolphins of ’72 did not play 19 to get to their record, and did not deal with the salary cap.

So, Mr. Sub of the Herd, please do me a favor, and SHUT UP!  Yes, it is so vogue to berate and complain about the Patriots.  Don’t forget, us Patriot fans had to deal with the embarrasment of 1 and 2 game winners in seasons past.  We dealt with close calls, and embarrassing Super Bowl losses.   Heck, some of us even died after celebrating too much in ’85.

Boston fans know pain and suffering probably more than most (with the respectful exception of the Cleveland Indians).  As the Celtics go out to the West to prove their worthiness, the MSM will only continue to find faults with the small city on the hill, frozen in the Northeast.  If Boston gets the triple crown of sports (maybe quadrupple, if the B’s have anything to say), Mr. Sub Radio Guy, will probably cry in frustration about his beloved Yankees and Giants of yesteryear.

To Brady and company:  Go get em!  Beat on the Giants like no tomorrow.  Take a few days off, and then do the same to your next three opponents.  As for me, I will enjoy this unusual success while it lasts.


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