Funny To Watch

Fecke, an anti-Ron Paul with a secret man-crush on Vox, has decided to grasp at straws and argue that no one should support Dr. Paul because Vox Day supports him.  The comments are of particular interest to me, in that they are hilarious.  Here are some examples of liberal intellectualism:

Trust me, reading Vox Day is like taking a ball peen hammer to your temple repeatedly. It hurts, and in the end you’re dumber for the experience.

That is a pretty good insult.

Why do I get the feeling that, if Ron Paul said to, all the Pauldroids would very happily drink the purple Cyanide-Aide so they could meet the Space Brothers in the Comet of Space Joy?
Scott | Homepage | 12.27.07 – 5:39 am | #

Yes, because Jonestown were full of gun toting libertarians? The progressives weak attempts at disparaging the Doc are almost sad.

Then it gets into the debate of abortion and baning Vox readers.

Just to explain, I got into Vox while reading his articles on WND a few years back. He is hilarious if you haven’t read him, because he has a way at getting people ticked off while proving his point. He merely pointed out that it is, indeed possible to deport all the illegals, as the Nazis were able to do so. Many people then jumped all over him calling him a Nazi sympathizer, blah, blah, blah. He was just making a point fellows!

I came onto the blogging a bit late. Originally I posted on forums and guestbooks, but never thought about writing my own blog until I found WordPress. Yes, I had a blogger called talkguitars (which is largely inactive), but I find WordPress’ interface much more convenient.

That being said, I love to blog, and I love to write my pointless comments and opinions on other sites. So check out Frecke’s lousy article for a good time, but be forewarned, there is plenty of ignorance from the left.



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