The Truth Rocks the Sonics

Though I missed the game, I was indeed impressed with Paul’s efforts to overcome Seattle.  Seattle seemed to put up a good fight scoring 27 in the 3rd to bring it close, until the whirlwind that is Pierce, came through with every possible type of shot known to mankind.

I wish I saw that game, because it is very exciting when someone is on fire.  He was, and they won on his shoulders.  Luckily for him, he is not the main person they rely on.  With Ray Allen and KG playing for the C’s, he can enjoy the fact that the focus isn’t always on him.

Yesterday’s game should prove how underrated Pierce’s career has been.  With over 15,000 points in his career, averaging 23.5 PPG, he should definitely rank well above average.  He is a fighter and a leader.  While going through most of his career during “rebuilding eras”, he was expected to inspire and teach the young players.  If you have your doubts, take a look at Chauncey now. 

I was a Walker fan for awhile, because Walker has a ton of charisma, but I think in the long run, Pierce will go down as one of the elite Celtics along with Bird and Russell.  At the age of 30, he still has some prime years to go before the inevitable downfall occurs, but if he gains 1 or 2 championships with the Big 3, we’ll be retiring his jersey sometime in the future.


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