For The Love of Breed (Breedlove)

I played with my first Breedlove last Saturday.  I needed some more strings, so I packed up the kid, and the wife and I journeyed out to Guitar Center on Route. 22 (This is a haven area, because literally across the street from Guitar Center is a Sam Ash).  I walked in their acoustic section (the first room, with the cheap $500.00 guitars) and played some Martins and Takamines. 

I then ventured into the next room.  The expensive guitars.  The guitars that I can’t afford.  My wife said, “Oh, you should try this one.”  It was a Breedlove.  $2300, used.  I played that thing for the longest I’ve played a strange guitar in a guitar shop.  It plays so smooth, and sounds so nice, that it was instant love.

Sadly, I had to leave it behind.  Suddenly my D-03 feels like a redheaded stepkid.  I didn’t even put the new strings on the Larivee after playing the more superior Breedlove.  I don’t have $2300 to put into such a beautiful piece of art.

I wanted to show my wife my next birthday gift: 

Toneworks Pandora

They were out of stock. Actually, they were confused, and thought I meant the Line 6 Pocket Pod. Nope. I have the Line 6 Toneport UX2. I enjoy it, but it requires a computer wherever you go. The Pocket Pod is mobile, but I know that Korg has a great reputation.


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