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Larry Norman’s Long Trip is Over

February 27, 2008

Rock pioneer Larry Norman died at the age of 60.  I have been an appreciater of his art for years now.

His records were burned, he was friends with Janis, the Christian Hippy stood the test of time and brought 60s rock into the forefront of Christianity.  He was a rebel and a scabbard, yet he had an uncharacteristic love of the lost.  He was truly a Jesus Freak.

This man’s lyrics still inspire a generation later.  Anyone that claims Christ and weilds a guitar needs to thank this man.  We are all in debt to him, and we all need to respect what he did during that crazy time in American history.

He was no perfect soldier, but he was a willing follower of Christ.  When he came upon the scene, no one else sang of loving Jesus and rock and roll.  The church was afraid of his long hair and anti-war message.  The world was afraid of his message of truth and the shine that was Jesus Christ reflected upon his walk that they couldn’t ignore.

Thank God that he brought Larry when he did.  He’s up in heaven having a grand old party with Moses and Paul and he’s hoping the rest of us will be ready.


IFH Mondays

February 21, 2008

Raising a Family

February 19, 2008

For years I feared having children.  I was happy to live in selfish harmony.  The wife and I married young and it was 5 years before my first child was born.  My firstborn will be 2 this year, and we have a second on the way mid-July.  I am slowly forgetting what life was like before I had children and it doesn’t bother me.

I know that a bunch of environmentalists will say that it is selfish to bare children.  The world is overpopulated and that children cause a great stress on mom nature.  What I say to them is:  SUCK IT!  Seriously, get over yourselves.  Having children is a commandment by God.  Be fruitful and multiply.  That isn’t a suggestion, but an order.

I think the average American family is sized at about 2 children now.  A family of 4 is now considered the norm, if not a little large.  Well, if God has His way, I want to multiply.  We are both in our late 20s, so we have plenty of time to procreate.  The world finds it odd the large, white, homeschooled family, and all the siblings get along.  Well, you’re about to get another strange white homeschooled family that functions properly.

Oh, but you’ll estrange your children by homeschooling them!  Bull.  I wonder when the last time a homeschooled Christian child went into a mall or school and shot up his peers.  It just doesn’t happen.  We will sacrifice some finances to make this work, and if we have to, leave the state, because it is my duty to love and protect my children.  Besides, the average public school kid acts like an estranged freak that is mad at the world.  How is that for social skills?

So, if God wills, we will have a bunch of white children, homeschooled, socially superior to their public school peers, and capable of carrying on a conversation with an adult.  Meanwhile, the state will try to take that right away from me, as it does my right to bear arms, to smoke herbs, and to crack a beer open in a public park.

Raising a family is no simple task.  Simple in it’s day-to-day operation, but in the long run, the parents are held responsible if their children grow up screwed up.  If I haven’t done my duty, which is to honor my wife, love my children, and show them the truth of Jesus, then I have failed.  If they decide in their adult life, that after hearing the Word, seeing the fruits of the Word in action, and still decide to deny Him, then I am not held responsible.  If I fail on my part. The most important, to show them the love of God, and they never receive Him, then I will forever have their blood upon my hands. 

This is scary.  God chose me to raise His kids.  He chose me to teach them about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They have to know that Jesus is God.  Jesus is the savior, not some weak hippy out for world peace, but a perfect man that is the ultimate Warrior, and the ultimate King.

Please friends, say a prayer for another father that holds a great responsibility.  Us men need to stick together.

68 Degrees Today

February 18, 2008

I enjoyed the warm weather today.  68 Degrees in North Jersey.  Tomorrow it looks like it is going to dip down into the 40s. 

Soon spring will be here.  I can’t wait.

I’m Leaning Towards The Kawasaki Ninja 250R

February 18, 2008

So, if I get a bike, I am starting to lean towards the Ninja 250R as a starter bike.  The Blast is not as nice looking to me, and the price for the Ninja is a little cheaper.  I’ll probably be shopping for a 2005 or 2006 model.

Contrary to what someone said, in the long run, it is more efficient to ride a motorcycle then drive a car.  Especially considering the current costs of fuel. 

I’m Done With The NFL

February 14, 2008

Patriots have been taping games since 2000.  This means I no longer care about the NFL.  Roger Goodell covered up this known action for a long time.

I’ve followed the New England Patriots since I was a grade school student.  It is with little pain that I now end my allegience to this team.  I was duped as was the entire world into believing those Super Bowl Championships were legitimate.

Now, Arlen Specter is nothing but a crazed Eagles fan trying to use his government muscle to control a private industry.  Congress should have no bearing on whether or not a team tape recorded another team’s signs.  Mr. Specter, please focus on our troops in Iraq, you are a shame of a politician.

To the New England Patriots:  It was fun while it lasted, but I’m sick of cheaters, so farewell my friends, I will no longer waste another Sunday watching you.

I’m Thinking Of Getting A Motorcycle

February 11, 2008

I have been contemplating getting a motorcycle this year.  Currently I drive a 2001 Hyundai Accent that has some issues.  My drive is only 10 miles round trip, so I could probably save some money by riding a motorcycle on nice days.

I have no experience on motorcyles, so I will of course take a safety training class to begin with.  I look forward to researching a good beginner motorcycle.  I don’t want anything too powerful, but I would like to be able to take my wife for a ride once in a while.

I’ve read the Buell Blast is a good starter ride.

Buell Blast

Any thoughts?

Strange Walk in Morris County

February 7, 2008

The other day, I took a stroll during lunch.  During this walk I saw a Bible as big as a house, an old man driving a rickety truck with a white beard as long as a fishing pole, and a wooden bear statue wearing a burger king crown, with a sign in front mentioning his royal highness.

I have said it before, NJ is one weird state.

Next time I’ll bring my Motorola Q and take some pictures.

OK, Just To Clarify

February 4, 2008

The biggest upset in sports history is still the 2004 Yankees/Red Sox ALCS.  For a team to come back 0-3 and to win in the fashion in which they did, nothing can surpass that.  Nothing.

Wasn’t Meant To Be – Congratulations Giants!

February 4, 2008

I tip my hats to the NY Giants and congratulate the team and their fans.  They were the better team last night and deserve the Super Bowl Championship.

This was indeed a classic season for the NFL. 

As a Boston fan though, my main team is always the Boston Red Sox who will raise another banner this April!  While the Patriots pulled off the greatest choke in football history, I kept remembering the satisfying team the Bosox pulled off only a few short months ago.  Yes, Tom Brady proved himself human last night.  What hurt him will only make him stronger.  He’s surely got at least 1 or 2 more rings in his career.

Defense!  Defense!  Coach Bill lost at his own game.  18-1 does indeed look pathetic with the end results.  NYers, go ahead and gloat!  Have fun, and enjoy it.  As we in New England fully understand now, a championship team is a great feeling.  Remember though, this Patriots dynasty ain’t done yet.

The best thing about Santana going to the Mets?  Jacoby stays with the Red Sox and the Yankees have to find their ace elsewhere.  With Beckett, Dice K, and a healthy Schilling, this looks like another exciting season.  Pitchers and catchers is only 9 days 23 hours and 45 minutes away!

I might surprise the wife with a trip to Fort Myers to catch a few Spring Training games this year.