Wasn’t Meant To Be – Congratulations Giants!

I tip my hats to the NY Giants and congratulate the team and their fans.  They were the better team last night and deserve the Super Bowl Championship.

This was indeed a classic season for the NFL. 

As a Boston fan though, my main team is always the Boston Red Sox who will raise another banner this April!  While the Patriots pulled off the greatest choke in football history, I kept remembering the satisfying team the Bosox pulled off only a few short months ago.  Yes, Tom Brady proved himself human last night.  What hurt him will only make him stronger.  He’s surely got at least 1 or 2 more rings in his career.

Defense!  Defense!  Coach Bill lost at his own game.  18-1 does indeed look pathetic with the end results.  NYers, go ahead and gloat!  Have fun, and enjoy it.  As we in New England fully understand now, a championship team is a great feeling.  Remember though, this Patriots dynasty ain’t done yet.

The best thing about Santana going to the Mets?  Jacoby stays with the Red Sox and the Yankees have to find their ace elsewhere.  With Beckett, Dice K, and a healthy Schilling, this looks like another exciting season.  Pitchers and catchers is only 9 days 23 hours and 45 minutes away!

I might surprise the wife with a trip to Fort Myers to catch a few Spring Training games this year.


3 Responses to “Wasn’t Meant To Be – Congratulations Giants!”

  1. Dan Says:

    I don’t think the Pats choked; they simply got outplayed and outcoached. The Giants played the way the Pats used to in the 1st 3 Bowls. There was soemthing souless about this edition of the Patriots that made it hard for me, a fan, to appreciate, or even like them. it seemed as though they went Hollywood and lost their focus on the basics which is what made them great.
    But we have 3 superbowls and 2 world series. Boston will always be a baseball town. i have always lived and died withthe Sox; they are Boston and NE sports. While I appreciate very much the dynasty of the old Celtics, the Stanley cup wins of the Bobby Orr era, and the Super Bowls [esp. the 1st one], it pales in comparison to the Red Sox 2 World Series wins. They are part of the genetic and mythic identity of Boston sports. They are part of a tradition that goes back to the infancy stage of baseball; looked on inthis way the other teams have been add ons. Appreciated when successful but nothing can take the place of the Red Sox inthe hearts of people who grew up withthem. For better or worse its the REd Sox; and I’m very grateful for their two championships.

  2. Dan Says:

    Don’t forget Bucholz and Lester. I think Bucholz will be a great pitcher and I’m very excited about Ellsbury. Guys like him come up maybe once in a generation. The last time I remember a rookie having that kind of game changing impact was Freddie Lynn back in ’74-’75. You can just tell he was special, just as you can with Ellsbury. Santana is a great pitcher- not good in the play offs but he is dominant. But I think the Sox would have regretted trading Ellsbury for him.

  3. metaljaybird Says:

    Yeah, if Ellsbury turns into the player he is hyped to be, we will have the most ridiculous line up. Ortiz, Manny, Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Youk. Nice!

    I am still very excited about the Celts. My unofficial order for teams goes:

    Uconn Men BBall

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