I’m Thinking Of Getting A Motorcycle

I have been contemplating getting a motorcycle this year.  Currently I drive a 2001 Hyundai Accent that has some issues.  My drive is only 10 miles round trip, so I could probably save some money by riding a motorcycle on nice days.

I have no experience on motorcyles, so I will of course take a safety training class to begin with.  I look forward to researching a good beginner motorcycle.  I don’t want anything too powerful, but I would like to be able to take my wife for a ride once in a while.

I’ve read the Buell Blast is a good starter ride.

Buell Blast

Any thoughts?


7 Responses to “I’m Thinking Of Getting A Motorcycle”

  1. Minion444 Says:

    If you are doing to save money, forgetaboutit!! (as we say in NJ).
    It sounds like you are planning to keep your car. So, you need to keep insurance on both vehicles. Maintain both (motorcycles are fairly high maintenance).

    Do it because you want to ride. You will never save any money.

  2. metaljaybird Says:


    I need to figure this out in such a way that I can sell it to my wife :). I have heard that motorcycles can be fairly high maintenance, but so are my cars.

    I’ve always wanted to ride. I think this stage in life is better timing because I’m not quite as aggressive as I was 5 or 6 years ago.

    What part of Joisey do you reside?

  3. Anthony Says:

    I just bought a used 2000 Buell Blast yesterday. It only had 270 miles on it. It was purchased for the owner’s wife in 2000, but she ran off with another guy soon thereafter. I was able to pick it up for $2800. It is almost mint condition.

    The bike is just the right size for me. I am 5’6″ and have an inseam of around 29″. The bike it a very good fit and perfect for commuting. It starts up easily and it has simple, yet beautiful, instrumentation and styling. I had bikes in my teens and early 20s. Now approaching 40, I wanted a bike that was relatively maintenance free and uncomplicated. This bike meets those requirements nicely. My wife keeps looking at it with lust. I have a feeling I will be getting another bike in a year or so and she will take this one over.

    Getting back to the bike: it is inexpensive used; it can be stored in a relatively small area of the garage; it has beautiful styling and is uncomplicated; and it is not expensive to insure.

  4. metaljaybird Says:

    Those are all good points. I am leaning towards a Kawasaki 250 or 500 Ninja, though my bro inlaw out in Cali told me I should consider a used Suzuki GXR 650F. Considering my frame (38″ waist, 240 lbs at 5’10”) he thought this bike would be good for a starter.

  5. Anthony Says:

    The SV650 might also be a good bike. It has a bit more power than the Blast, but it would accommodate your height and weight a little better. I think that a Blast would be too cramped for your legs. Good luck on your bike search.

  6. metaljaybird Says:

    I think so too. I am reminded that I could stand to lose about 40 lbs. This would probably make riding a bit more enjoyable. Well, I’ve seen bigger dudes ride bikes.

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