I’m Done With The NFL

Patriots have been taping games since 2000.  This means I no longer care about the NFL.  Roger Goodell covered up this known action for a long time.

I’ve followed the New England Patriots since I was a grade school student.  It is with little pain that I now end my allegience to this team.  I was duped as was the entire world into believing those Super Bowl Championships were legitimate.

Now, Arlen Specter is nothing but a crazed Eagles fan trying to use his government muscle to control a private industry.  Congress should have no bearing on whether or not a team tape recorded another team’s signs.  Mr. Specter, please focus on our troops in Iraq, you are a shame of a politician.

To the New England Patriots:  It was fun while it lasted, but I’m sick of cheaters, so farewell my friends, I will no longer waste another Sunday watching you.


7 Responses to “I’m Done With The NFL”

  1. Dan Says:

    Just wrote a long comment on this and it got deleted for some reason. Anyway, I am confused on this issue. Some say the filming was legal prior to2007, others say it was alwsays illegal. I don’t know. I suspect part of the reason Goodell destroyed the tapes was that he didn’t want to deal with the resulting can of worms it would open. That being the revelation of other teams doing similar things, and he wanted to avoid a scandal if possible.
    Specter is grandstanding and is trying to get his name in the press. The guy is dirty. He was Ira Einhorn’s lawyer back in the 70’s. Einhorn was a hippie leader in Philly in the 70’s. Specter convinced the judge to get his client bail and Einhorn flew the coop and livedin Europe for decades. Specter didn’t say much about that of course.
    As far as the patriots are concerned, I understand your disappointment. While I ahve a lot of respect for the players on the Pats I don’t have that much respect for BB. He is an amoral man it seems. Very driven but very successful. And there was the adultery thing last year which I think is worse than the filming fiasco. Personally, I don’t think the filming was that big of a deal. That sort of thing is inavoidable in prfessional sports. These are very aggressive and competitve people and there’s alot of money at stake. There has always been cheating in sports and always will be. The notion of pure sport is an illusion. Gaylord Perry made a hall of fame career out of his spit ball, and everyone KNEW it at the time. He got caught from time to time, but he kept on.

    I have never been a huge fan of the NFL and the way they do things [even though I played football in college and had a chance at a pro- tryout before knee injuries tanked that idea]. I like Arena ball much more; it’s fun to watch and faster paced and less structured and controlled. Like watching minor league baseball is more fun and cheaper than the pros.

    I was in college in the early 80’s and eve3n then, in a division III school no less, steroids were common. Back then if you were 270-280lbs lineman you were huge, both in college and the pros. Now you have guys at 340lbs; tell me with a straight face these guys aren’t using. And you have running backs at 270. Sure they didn’t have “supplements’. A 70lb increase in size in 20 years is suspect to say the least. And the players are dying from the increased size- Korey Stringer. But the league and the coaches have chosen to turn a blind eye to this to protect the bottom line.

    I didn’t like the Pats this year anyway. I didn’t like their attitude. I didn’t like the cockiness. I liked the old school style they had a couple of years ago. That was fun. And they didn’t have the soul and emotion this year. And the Giants had all of that and then some.

    It will be interesting to see what Bucholz does this year, and I look forward to watching Ellsbury; very happy he’s with the team

    Take it easy, Dan

  2. Dan Says:

    Einhorn killed his girlfriend and stuffed her body in a trunk. Forgot to meantion that.

  3. metaljaybird Says:

    Hey Dan,

    For me, it’s not just the Patriots, but the entire NFL. Everyone says that the MLB should model themselves after the NFL, (even I have at one point), but when it comes down to it, their were tapes that were destroyed. Destroying tapes to me, is a cover up. The fact that someone is taping someone else does not bother me half as much as a the cover up. I am sure this is much more widespread than we realize.

    The Sox are looking great. Too bad about Schilling, but this will give Lester and Bucholz a chance to step up.

    I can’t wait to see this lineup: Ellsbury, Pedrioa, Ortiz, Manny, Youkilis, Lowell, ‘Tek, … (Well, Youk probably after Lowell).

  4. farmer Tom Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I decided not to even respond to the poster ahead of you. I figured it was a waste of time. I agree with you destroy the Rep party, and start over. We’ll be better off.

  5. metaljaybird Says:

    Hi FT,

    Thanks for stopping over here. You have a lot of good things to say. The wise work on farms…

  6. eric Says:

    As for the Pats, maybe they should be stripped of their Super Bowl Loss, and give it to San Diego…? Just a thought.

  7. metaljaybird Says:

    Naw, they are both AFC teams. No guarantee that SD would have cheated just as well during the SB. Hahahaha.

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